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Remember Your Truth. Rekindle Your Fire. Take Bold Action Towards Your Dreams.


You've done all the right things.

You took the demanding training, you invested in coaching, you hustled your tail off and networked like a champ, even on the days when it felt difficult to muster the strength to feed yourself. 

You got clients, you did the work and the money did come in. But now? You feel adrift from the joy that led you to start the work. You feel disconnected from your why. The profits have plateaued.

You're just... tired. 

You're ready to spark the fire again. To rekindle the joy. And connect to the pleasure of the work, and the profits that follow. 



You're feeling stuck and disconnected, you're not having fun creating the business you truly want, or realizing the success you could ultimately have.

You're sharp, savvy, willing to do the work. You don't need a lot of hand-holding because you're resourceful and you get it. You always have. But the research + hustle isn't working. It's overwhelming. The myriad webinars you've watched give conflicting advice and it's all feeling rather gross. 

You've heard about more spiritual (woo) techniques and that hasn't been your world. But you're curious. A part of you knows something has to shift because you SEE other people enjoying their business. 

You just don't know how to access it. And you don't want to hire a person disconnected from reality to cultivate these skills. This spiritual (woo) world is attractive and yes, even a bit scary.



Iā€™m Steph. Smart, savvy, well versed in linear logic and business, and I also walk a spiritual, mystical path. This is a less common combination to say the least. 

I understand exactly what's going on in your business from a strategic & practical perspective, and can help you leverage your intuition, move more deeply into your wildness and embrace your woo. Are you ready to let down your guard and encounter your wildness?

When you walk this braided way, combining logic and intuition, you transition from linear thinking to magic and miracles. Incremental steps become quantum leaps moving you towards the right opportunities - and away from what keeps you flat and disconnected.

Best of all, the fun, playful, magical feeling returns to your life and business. 

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