Remember Your Truth. Rekindle Your Fire. Take Bold Action Towards Your Dreams.

—  soulful seekers  —

Come Home to Your True Essence

To Know the way forward you must remember who you truly are.

You need to return to your essential truth. 

This requires understanding the journey that has brought you here. And owning your power.

Three-Day In-Person Intensives will resume in Fall 2017.



Seeing the Way with Clear Vision

When you lean in deep to your Knowing, you create a life infused with ease and grace.

Anxiety drops away. Decisions are clear, simple.

(They often required extraordinary bravery, but you do not hesitate in what you know you need to do.)

One-on-One Coaching Slots with Steph are limited.



Aligned Action Naturally Follows Clear Knowing and True Seeing

After you remember who you are, and see the way forward, you must do.

It's simpler than it sounds at times. You're practiced at preventing yourself from moving ahead.

It's been a habit. And now you need to practice something different.

You'll forget why you began, and the potency of your unique skills. And you'll try to make it complicated.

I know, dear one. I've been there.

The Group Mastermind is currently closed. 

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