It's Time

I answered the call to become a lighthouse in the world, to help people rekindle the fire in their bellies and remember their personal truth because the flame in me almost disappeared completely.

I left a career that people often die in, rather than retire from. 

After several years inside that machine I became Verrrrrrry cynical. I was an angry, hard-working, national security bureaucrat that was often judgmental and highly effective. I could shoot down hope like Luke Skywalker running down swamp rats or targeting that WTF-vulnerable chute on the Death Star. I could create action plans and get shit done in magical wizard-like ways that filled others with awe and envy and anger. I was a FIXER. (Would it surprise you to learn that everything around me was broken?)

I made a career out of working harder, smarter, longer than my peers. I gained a reputation as the gal to call when you needed the thing to happen. I went to Afghanistan and worked my body into a depleted and dangerous hole and my heart gamely followed. 

Through it all I was an empathic, sensitive soul and disowned that completely. Fortunately I lost my faith in humanity and became deeply disconnected from my spirit. After that it was an easy-peazy-lemon-squeezey plot twist (being guided to attend life coach training) and my world was reborn.  Magic and miracles were everywhere and I could see how every pain and problem I had was happening for me, leading me to brighter days.  

These days I rest, and I am still and I invite God and the Universe to speak with me all the time. I get messages from everything. A famous healer called me “a wide, multidimensional channel”.  I ask my non-physical allies for support on everything, every time I remember. From parking to potential speaking engagements. They are on it. 

I revel in aligned action and knowing the next indicated thing (which means I rarely grok what will happen next quarter). I’m firmly seated in the present moment and working hard (ok, resting easily) in my body. The safest place to be.

My mission

Are you my people? I serve energy sensitive women that ready to FINALLY get their message out into the world in a big way and build a business that serves their heart and honors their energy.

What if your days were infused with ease and grace?

What if the next indicated thing was as simple as breathing and asking?

What if you were jumping for joy at your challenges?

I’m taking people on a journey to their home. Helping them remember. Let’s go.