The inside track


Do you struggle to trust your intuition? Then wish you had followed your nudge?

Do you let your intuition guide you to leap - then get racked by self-doubt and questioning, looking for outside validation?

Do you get confused by what you are hearing?

What’s Divine? What’s intuition? What’s ego? What’s depression?

What’s my cranky lizard? What’s my anxious brain? What’s suspicion?

Do you wish you could drop in instantly and know your truth? Without getting sidetracked by your mind?

Imagine being anchored in your intuition all the time.

Getting to the right place, at the right time, confident that you are being guided by your Divine support team (you know, all those non-physical allies gathered in support of your highest good).

Dropping the restless search for other answers.

Knowing you are ready with the decoder ring for the messages all around you.

Receiving guidance with confidence and trusting them as you move ahead clearly and powerfully.



There is a way. It involves getting deeper into stillness and becoming more fully aligned with your intuition than you ever have been. This isn't another program with Do-Do-Doing. This is a call to Listening. And Being.

But Steph! It's the run up to the family vacay/graduation/knitters worldwide annual conference! There are things to be done!

I know, dear one. I also know you are tired. And you are called to something deeper. A different way of being in the world.

A simpler, kinder and more true method to be You that is infused with clarity & powerful joy.

I know you can live a life saturated with ease and grace.

Whether you are single or have 3 kids.

Whether you are working three jobs or 30 more hours per week than your body can actually handle.

There is a way. I see it.

I want to teach you to generate a profound stillness inside of you so that you hear the messages of your non-physical spiritual team.

I want to teach you to take powerful aligned action, when it feels right.

And how to say No when it doesn't.


-you understand intuition on a visceral level - you have felt the flow, synchronicity, magic and miracles from the Universe but you haven't been able to maintain that flow

-you are willing to let your intuitive knowing be easy and effortless, without working hard or 'earning it'

-the thought of chatting with your Divine Support Team makes you feel energized and excited


-you want to study the theory of intuition - this is an experiential course with exercises, visualizations, and I ask for your heartfelt engagement 

-you are comfortable with struggle and will schedule yourself to exhaustion no matter what clarity or space emerges

-you are so busy you will only scan material, decline to take action and then feel resentful if things have not shifted 

-you believe support from the Divine, God, Spirit or Source is simply "wishful thinking"

program details

The program includes six themed weeks (as well as a week zero kickoff) with a comprehensive lesson, guided visualization, and group Q&A (via Facebook forum). Weekly calls are held every Friday and will be recorded. The Facebook forum will also have daily reflection prompts and the opportunity to interact with your peers and share victories and magic that show up for you.  

If you are ready to remove yourself from the hustle of modern drama...

If you are ready to get connected with how YOU feel and what YOU want...

If you are ready to understand where life is asking for your attention…

It's time to step into your peaceful power, dear ones.

It's time.


You arrive on the other side of the course and find:

the anxiety you've felt over whether you've done enough slips away,

the concern about whether you are in the right place falls off your shoulders,

The muddiness in your intuition is gone.


You see the next indicated step in your daily life clearly and simply,

You differentiate and trust the messages, subtle or not,

You connect to profound self care and brave aligned action with newfound magic and momentum, doing far less and going much further

You connect easily with your needs and dreams, allowing yourself to see what is joyfully working and what you thirst for

You are so in tune with your soul wants that huge decisions seem to make themselves,

You stop sabotaging yourself and take powerful, aligned action

You no longer ping pong back and forth between knowing and seeking

You become MAGNETIC and draw in people and opportunities in your life to propel you forward.


program curriculum 

The program includes six themed weeks (as well as a week zero kickoff) with a comprehensive lesson, guided visualization, and group Q&A (via Facebook forum). Each participant will get personalized feedback on themed assignments which are geared to ground you into your intuition and connect you with your Divine Support Team.  The next class is scheduled begin October 2017. 

Week Zero - Stepping Through The Threshold

Week One - Picking Up Your Soul Self Viewfinder

Week Two - Bravery and Magic: The Art of the War You've Lived

Week Three - Aligned Action Breeds Clarity

Week Four - Rest and the Gentle Art of Soul Maintenance

Week Five - Energetic Leadership

Week Six - Bring Me That Horizon


Q What do you mean by Divine Support Team?

A All those non physical allies gathered in support of the Light that watch over you, who can be called in to help you, and are willing to offer guidance and nudges if asked and allowed. These allies can include Ancestors, Angels, Archangels, Animal Totems, Ascended Masters, and Spirit Guides from Ancient Civilizations.

Q What if I already have a healthy relationship with my intuition?

A Perfect! This is not just about intuition. This is about crafting an organic and deeply nourishing relationship with your Divine Support Team, and deepening your intuition, starting on whatever 'level' you are at this time.

Q What if I'm not available on the xyz call date(s)?    

A All calls will be recorded, we will have a support group accessible 24/7 on Facebook, and you will have lifetime access to the digital content. We've got you covered.

Let's have a chat, shall we?

You've made it all the way down to the very last bottom of this program sales page. 

You've kept reading because the material resonated with you but let's face it, how you do one thing is how you do everything.

This class is for you but you've taken an extra thirty-five minutes trying to feed your left brain enough information to bring it along on the decision that your gut made at the very top of this page.

Think about HOW OFTEN that happens in your daily life. In your world. And HOW MUCH time you could save by going with what you know is right for you, and ditching the mental chatter.

The fact is that this class can propel you forward like rocket fuel, because our natural state is wildly powerful, clear, and filled with joy. 

A lot of people are being called now to step even more potently into their soul's highest purpose. Your intuition, and your Divine Support Team, will rapidly accelerate that process.

It's as simple as that. 

I hope you'll join me, dear one.

Steph and her work landed in my lap at exactly the right point in my life and I got so much out of something I didn't even know I needed.

- Sarah

One day in to this class and my life has already changed.


Steph is connected with the overarching energetic layers of what is going on. When we get stuck in our own story, we sometimes forget to take a step back and see the whole picture. Steph sees more than just the "you telling the story," she sees the big you, the highest version of yourself. And she sees the distance between "where you are" and "where your soul wants to be." And she provides great practical, actionable tips on how to get there!  

- Xine La Fontaine, Sensuality Guide at TheSensualRevolution.com

She has spiritual x-ray vision!

- Rosie Dalton, 

She cuts through the bullshit with warmth and tenderness, holding space for me to move forward.

--Marci Kobayashi, marcikobayashi.com