It feels like you're pressing the gas pedal but the car isn't racing ahead. 

At the end of the day you're spent. You look back and have to focus to remember everything that happened. A lot of pieces are in motion but the major momentum still feels like it's missing. The Signs are all pointing to it. It should be easier than this. Shouldn't it?

Your message. The clients. You know there's more but watching webinars makes your eyes water. You need simple, actionable guidance that feels good in your body & mind.

Are you ready to move forward in a big way with your business? Thirsty for the shifts but always seem shorter on financial resources? I'm getting direction from my Divine Team on a new opportunity for you. And it's incredible.


the foundry: your portal is here



The Foundry is an immersive coaching experience.

It's for soul-led women that are damn thirsty for more. 

It's for entrepreneurs who are ready to step into their power and be seen for their gifts. 

The Foundry is a forge for the next level of your growth. And it is not for the faint of heart. 


The Foundry is weekly group coaching with me

We'll meet each week on Zoom. We'll work through your questions and come up with solutions that are simple, elegant, and actionable. I'll offer you wisdom that is practically oriented and spiritually grounded. You'll be amazed at how your team has similar needs and how deeply you benefit from the questions asked by your teammates. 

AND supportive community on slack in between 

Sometimes you can't wait for an answer. You need help fast. I get it & I've been there. I also know the absolute time suck that Facebook can become. Which is why the 24/7 community for The Foundry lives on Slack. Weekly and daily accountability. An always on spot to share your wins. It's easy to learn, simple to search, and GIF-friendly. Because let's enjoy this ride!



everything you need, nothing you don't 

You don't need all the tools. Just the right ones for today. You're overloaded with information and overwhelmed with choices. You need someone whose guidance you can trust. You need someone who can make things CLEAR and SIMPLE. Not swamp you with All.The.Things.

clarity. connection. calm.

steph and the blue wall.jpg

Hello dear one!

I'm Steph. I'm the Master Crafter here at The Foundry.

I'm a Spiritual Teacher and a Business Strategist. Which means I can help you sort everything from your web links to your copywriting and help you excavate what your intuition is trying to tell you.

My Superpower is reading the energy of a business and helping the owner find the simplest, sexiest way to get their work out into the world. Are you ready to launch?

My time spent with Steph was nothing short of miraculous. We identified what was really underneath my desire to uplevel my business and how to do it.

The guidance from Steph was incredibly clear and powerful, and only confirmed all the intuitive guidance I have been receiving in the past few months regarding how to transform my business. As a life coach who regularly works with intuition and shamanism, it is very refreshing to work with someone who not only “speaks the language,” but also can walk between the physical and intangible realms and offer practical steps. Steph is a gem!
— Juliet Tang, Intuitive Life Coach At Juliettang.Com

Ready to do this?

You can sign up for your coaching cohort below. The weekly group coaching call with me and Slack community is just $222 per month. Yes, you read that correctly. PER MONTH. The commitment to this experience is six months, although I plan to be guiding these groups for a full year.

If you know this is for you and you want to sign up for the experience paying in full, I'll give you an extra bonus that's super juicy (see the FAQ below).

Come on then. Let's change your life!

Time listed is in USA Eastern Time Zone. You can translate to your time zone using the converter here.

What happens after the jump? I welcome you to The Foundry with a unique Guided Visualization to start the journey. Then we'll get you sorted with your Slack account and the links for the weekly live calls. 


What happens if I have a conflict?

All calls will be recorded so you can check out the replay. You can also show up on Slack with your questions and get support. 

What if I've never used Slack?

There's a reason why the Slack Love Twitter account has 11K return tweets (people sharing why they love Slack). But seriously, this is a fantastic easy to use tool. We'll start small, simple and effective. It's as easy as typing on social.  You may decide you love it so much you want to use it with clients too!

I'm scared. Will I get everything I need?

Lady. I've been in your shoes. I know the fear that comes up when you're getting ready to make an investment. Show up for this experience and I will meet you with treasure and insights that will take your breathe away. It's time for you to shift. It's time for you to be nourished by your business. It's time. 

What's the super juicy pay-in-full bonus?

You'll have the option of a 1:1 90 minute strategy call with me OR a unique live two hour class with me that's focused on using mystical tools and woo energy techniques in your life and business. Which ever feels better for you. You can get your six months of time and the bonus by paying here

What is the difference between The Foundry, Elemental Business Incubator, and 1:1 Mystery School?

Each program has it's own unique features. Read about each program here to see which would benefit you the most.

Business doesn't have to be painful

I think more than any other coaching I have experienced, our work has impacted me on a soul level. I feel like what came up has become a fundamental part of me, like it’s in my blood and bones.

I have gotten real clarity about what I need to do (and it wasn’t what I was expecting!!). I have an inner calm, peace and acceptance that wasn’t there before. I’ve had ongoing insights into my experience, and I feel like I’m experiencing real soul healing.
— Abbey Peters, Wellness + Life Coaching, Abbeypeters.Com


Your teammates are waiting for you. 

Still have questions?

You can send me an email to ask (hello at mythical enterprises dot com) or ask for a quick chat - we can hop on a phone call to discuss. Options for introverts and extroverts - I've got you.