the call

You know there is an easier way to be in the world. You know you have felt constricted and contained in a way that can physically chafe and mentally agitates. You know you veer between lightning crisp and clear on your purpose and a complete murky puddle of goo.

It's ok, dear one. I've got you. 

Several weeks ago I woke up fresh from sleep, still entangled with the Dreamtime and realized I was being called to cast a circle of women. I felt 13 women who were rising into their power and coming together to re-member old ways. 

My Guides have asked me to lay the groundwork for this space so that I can find these women and help them grow.

Are you ready for the truth of what you have forgotten?


While the specifics of what happens will be formed through the women that I draw in, I know I will help you do the following:

Connect with your Guides

Clear intergenerational trauma

Integrate past lives

Connect with Ancestors

Magnetize Sacred Objects to you

Learn energetic techniques for navigating day to day life including digestive fire, merkaba energetic protection, clearing and anchoring rituals and more

Reactivate lost gifts of clairvoyance, animal telepathy, and Dreaming

Meet diverse teachers like Kuan Yin, Archangel Michael, Isis, the Divine Program Manager and your animal Guides

message from the team

I bear a brief messages from my Guides for you, as you reflect on this invitation. 

Keepers of the Light,

We call you to remember through old ways in current haze.

There is time and space for what is yet to be, allow it to be so and flow through the young marrow of ancient bones. 

You have done this before. 

It is time to awaken again. 

We rise. We Rise. We RISE! 


Call logistics: Two 90 minute (ish) calls per month, on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays from 3-4:30 PM Eastern


The first call is Wednesday 27 December 2017. 

You'll also have access to intermittent teachings in between calls on Voxer, a smartphone app that allows for deeply connected and energetically powerful transmissions.


The circle is $300 per month. You can cancel at any time. Though if this speaks to you I ask you to join me now and make the commitment to show up for 13 calls to allow the work to deepen. 




Questions and Answers

Q: I can't make every call.

A: You'll have access to all the recordings which I encourage you to leverage. Energetically by choosing to step into this circle you will be activating certain aspects of your light body. It's going to be juicy!

Q: What if I have questions about the material that show up in between session?

A: You'll be able to email me for support and get your question answered on Voxer Broadcast specifically for The Dawning Circle. 

Q: I don't know what any of this means. Should I do this?

A: It's very common for people to show up at my practice and tell me, I have no idea why I'm here, this doesn't make any sense. I activate the soul contracts of my clients and ask their Guides to steer them towards me. Your brain may want to fight this but your Soul knows its time.