The Failproof Way to Tell if Your Hustle Will Lead to That #BossLife

I just launched a beta version of my business school for mystics (and other magic friendly people) video series. It had an ENORMOUS response and I’m delighted that it served. I’ll be recording a three part webinar and offering it to you soon.

As part of the response I’ve encountered a number of entrepreneurs that are befuddled by their lack of success. They’re hustling, ticking the boxes off their list, striving to grow their business. And it’s not working.

That’s because you need to get clear on what you are doing with your time. Then make the decision if it’s effective in generating results. It’s too easy to work on what’s in front of you. Email. Social Media. Small actions that are more comfortable. But that IS NOT bold, aligned action in support of your calling. It’s busy-ness. And being in motion. Which won’t take you to that boss life.

Here’s how you can tell if all that motion is taking you somewhere or sending you in circles.

Fear or Service (Pick One)

You are spinning and feeding your fear if you spend more energy tending the garden of your limitations than you do exploring new places and ways to share your gifts. If you spend more time focused inward than outward you run a never ending circle around your doubts. How can I? Who am I to? The alternative is reinforcing your calling. What does my soul need? Where can I serve? Who needs me? How can I help them find me? This thinking will take you places.

Failure to Launch

You are circling if you haven’t left your peers behind and you stay in the spaces where you trained, or your friends and family hang out, or both. You have got to leave your peers BEHIND. Your customers are folks who haven’t met you yet. The insightful comments and supportive counsel you are providing to your friends may be just what your future clients need. But in order for them to hear it, you have to get out of the echo chamber. What groups did you get trained in? Are you still surrounded by them (on social media and in real life)? Or are you exploring new places to share your voice and your talents?


You are hovering if you refuse to niche down and cultivate one special group of people that you serve. You need to tailor your marketing efforts, copywriting, and storytelling to these people. If you don’t focus on how you can serve them and help them overcome their obstacles and actively create content for their needs your audience is not going to grow. People won’t see themselves in your message, and move on.

Someone out there will say - but So-And-So doesn’t have a niche. I see you. They do have a crystal-clear (think Swavorski!) understanding of their message, vision, and manifesto. They serve in a lot of ways but they know, without a doubt, who they are. That’s why. You have to know what *not* to do. And a niche will help you grok that.

So what do you do when you realize that you are in motion but your busy-ness isn’t taking you anywhere?

Focus on your Art of Connection

See my example here. Create. Pitch. Hustle. Remember, aligned action breeds clarity! Put your craft powerfully out into the world where people can see it. It works.

As you do that, cultivate your mindset. If you don’t believe your gifts and talents are worth other people’s time, they won’t either. And that would be tragic, because you have gold inside of you, dear one. That treasure needs to get out into the world.

Prioritize. And SLAY.

Do your most important task first. No matter what your work schedule is like, whether your soul’s calling is currently your side hustle or you full time gig. Wake up earlier if you need to, or skip the Netflix and go to bed sooner.

You can use a time tracker to understand what you are doing with your time. There are many apps that let you track your time. You can even lock down Facebook on the weekend for a DIY creative sabbatical.

But most importantly, allow yourself to see what’s around you.

You’ve felt that ocean of peace inside of you. You can cultivate ways to reach it. And help others find calm and center.

The world is on fire. You have buckets.

So what are you waiting for?

All my love from Mythical HQ,



Photo by Garrhet Sampson on Unsplash