Sometimes you just need a sanity check that you aren’t going crazy.

Sometimes you just need a strategy sounding board.

Or it feels like things are on the cusp of falling into place, but not quite.

Or maybe you want to know more about what personalized support looks like but you’ve been burned by shady sales folk before.

I get it.

I know that my work is at its most powerful when you take the leap and work with me for an extended period of time. But Sometimes You Just Need an Infusion of Business Magic NOW.

Soul led strategy session

Whatever your reason, I’ve got you.

You can sign up for a single session below and I’ll send you a scheduling link, some pre work to clear the cobwebs, and we’ll have a call where you’ll feel calm and clear and ready to do your work. Whatever that is.

Things we can do together:

  • build a strategy to call in those dream clients you're thirsty for,

  • create an amazing new offering you want to put out in the world and structure it to be powerful and profitable,

  • connect you with your Spirit Guides and learn the language they are speaking to you in and understand the messages they are sending,

  • untangle that sticky tricky thing that's been haunting you and making it hard to sleep at night,

and lots, lots more. I'm a bit of a spiritual and business swiss army knife. I have heaps of techniques and talents (from this lifetime and others!) and I can help you sail forward with ease and power no matter where you feel stuck. 


Practical magic and strong, simple strategy for soul-led entrepreneurs is what I do.

I know when you haven’t worked with someone it can be daunting to start, but you can trust me with your dreams.

She’s an expert on both the business & spiritual realms - going from a deep spiritual outlook to tiny elements about Instagram. I like that, because that’s how I like to conduct my business & life: making tiny shifts while also seeing how they play in the big picture.
— Marion
The vision for my business came full circle thanks to my work with Steph, in the most authentic and organic way. And this was something I had been struggling with for a while.

Steph creates the safest possible space for deep reflection, vulnerability, learning and owning ourselves that is absolutely necessary if we want to up-level ourselves and our businesses. She is also incredibly smart, business savvy and way WOO...I 100% love and need this combo in my life as a soul-led entrepreneur.
— Marieke


How long is the session?

The call is 75 minutes.

How soon do we have to meet? Is there an expiration for the call?

There isn’t a deadline. We can meet when you’re ready.

Can I get a recording?

Absolutely. It's part of the plan.

What if I'm not in the US?

I still love you. We can connect via Zoom.

What if I'm not into the weird woo stuff?

Ok no one actually asked that one. But seriously, I'm the bridge between practical and magical. Whether we need to perform a ritual to call in your Guides or craft the step-by-step plan to get your wisdom out into the world I've got you.

We can do BOTH actionable business strategy or practical magic.

Steph is one of the most effective women I’ve worked with. She has a rare gift for bridging the territory that lies between Intuition and Practicality.

As an artist, I rely heavily on intuition to channel creative ideas and inspiration, but the day-to-day aspects of running my business require me to focus on the practical aspects of life. Steph more than understands this tightrope walk; she lives and breathes it.

Her blend of deep empathy and straight-forward communication is refreshing in a landscape where intuitive work is equated with required non-stop optimism. Sometimes life is painful and there’s no way out but through. Steph understands. And she can help guide you through.
— Kittie