As you've seen, Building a Business Brings Up Your Shit. No matter how divine and joy-filled the purpose you follow.


You might have decided that business has to be hard. 

You might be immersed in technical tangentials [MailChimp integration! Payment buttons!].

You might be awash trying to adhere to magical Just-Follow-This! formulas from business coaches.

You might be constantly trying to catch up with email newsletters from outstanding authors whose wisdom you crave.


This is draining bustle where there could be powerful hustle.

This is not value-added, it's work for the sake of movement, not progress.

This is optional.


The SHEO Incubator is a place to dive deep into the awareness of what is limiting you, to shed the internal blocks that are holding you back from your divine destiny and to deeply align your business model with your superpowers.


This Is For Your If:

-You are ready for your work to be governed by ease and grace.

-You are ready to Play Big, focusing on substantive action and powerful creation, not artificial movement or faux productivity.

-This is for you if you are ready to build or expand your community of heart-driven entrepreneurs.


Here are the details:

This process is organic, highly tailored to your rhythms and in tune with you intuition and needs.  We connect by phone or Skype, with records of either for reference, and do an extended jam session for 3 hours, every 3 weeks. We stay in tune daily & weekly with the aligned action where you desire accountability, want feedback, get frustrated/blocked, or simply want to be seen. 

Note the goal on scheduling is to give you enough time to take action on your desires, and not be so frequent that it impinges on the time you need to act! 

I prepare guided visualizations for you where you explore the archetypes and energy of your business, and your spiritual landscape.  That is a weekly transmission.  <3


The guided visualizations focus on the energy and archetypes of your business and Unseen allies. YOUR KNOWING. YOUR TRUTH.


Are you ready to align fully with your deep well of innate wisdom?


At your core you know, when you slow down to speed up and prioritize your intuition and joy - MIRACLES emerge.


Join me, dear heart. The value of this work is well over $7,000. But for the initial cohorts, the three month investment is $2525. (I'm feeling divinely directed to bring this work to as many wayfinders, lightworkers, and other healing practitioners as possible.)  

At the end of 90 days we revisit the energy, discuss and clarify emerging intentions, and determine if you want to go deeper [and more powerfully!] or desire to pursue something completely different.  


You've tried to make your business breath and thrive using the wisdom of others. Now it's time to draw deeply from your own well. Are you ready? How amazing could your life & business be in 3 months? Let's see.



I had a wonderful experience. I felt immediately at ease with Steph. I am more at ease, in flow, and working on my business without creating excuses to not to do it, not striving for perfection, just taking it one step at a time.

She has a very powerful medicine!
— - Christel Van Gelder, 3CH Life Coaching,