You know that NOW is the time to be bold and UNLEASH who you are and what's inside of you. If only you could figure out how to do it. 

I know it can be hard. And all the information and webinars in the world won't help. If it was just a matter of data you'd be done and dusted by now. Six figures and beyond. 

You need PERSPECTIVE. Insights for YOU. And wisdom on how to implement the damn things. 

Dear one, I want to offer you one of the spaces at one of my intimate retreats in 2019.

This workshop is capped at 20 amazing entrepreneurs to ensure you get customized attention and support. 

We'll make breathtaking advances in your business. And you'll walk around the town and eat lunch in the sun.

You'll feel calm, connected and CLEAR about your marketing.

You'll connect with other women and feel THRILLED about your offerings. 

You'll quantum leap into a new phase of your business. 



Marketing doesn't have to be icky, salesy or gross. 

It can be a reflection of your heart and soul and FUN. Like energized, playful, wide-ass-grin FUN. 

I know you might feel frustrated and like you are hidden by an unfriendly invisibility cloak, even while knowing you are rocking awesome gifts.



But how do you do it in a way that feels delicious? And reflects you? Not some weird or boring infomercial. 

I want you to join me for two days of business building magic where you will 

  • get crisp and clear on your business model - the practical mechanics and the energetics because people like us need both

  • understand how your shadow and dark lessons of the past flow into your niche and messaging (yes, this one is going to knock those adorable socks off)

  • understand how to connect with the language that your soul-match client needs to hear so they flow to you consistently and comfortably

  • get simple, strong upgrades to your messaging and client channel so you understand exactly what you need to do day to day to keep your practice full and thriving

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Before I worked with Steph, I was feeling frustrated and wondering if I should take a break from my biz - or maybe even quit.

I quickly realized, with Steph’s help, that I just needed to pivot. Steph introduced me to the soul of my business - and from there - everything changed.

Steph has a way of knowing exactly what you need to hear - and do, to make your business and life feel like home again.

I worked through anxiety & complete overwhelm, and can finally feel joy in my life & trust my body.

I’m on way to make six figures for the first time and I feel happy & excited - and most of all, my business feels true to who I really am and the life I want to live.

I cannot thank her enough. If you’re on the fence, take the leap, my friend. It was one of the best decisions I ever made - even though I was scared to invest; it paid off a million, million times more in business, and life.
— Anastassia (Boston Retreat)
This retreat put me in touch with women who I felt I had known my whole life. Since attending Steph’s retreat, my partner and I were able to launch an entirely new business, an entrepreneurship network aimed at working mothers. We led our own small group sessions both in-person and online, and are starting a podcast in a few weeks!

If you’re looking for an affordable business retreat to help you tap into what it is that makes YOU unique as a business owner and celebrates the unique being that you are, you need to work with Steph! She helps you tap into your personal guidance system and methods to help you form the businesses that are the right fit for YOU.
— Jacqui (Toronto Workshop)
Steph’s mind, heart, and spirit are burning brightly in this world. Her intuition is spot on and laser focused.

You may think you don’t know the next right steps – but Steph will gently but firmly decode that information from your soul.
— Rosie (Boston, MA Workshop)



our spot

Seattle, Washington

25-26 July 2019

A workshop with Steph is an opportunity not to be missed. If you are ready for a change, tired of spinning your wheels, and willing to receive guidance and exercises that will cut through the BS in your mind, you will LOVE working with Steph. Her workshop helped me connect with deep truths that are still coming to the surface, 2 months later. It helped me synthesize and further integrate the seemingly disparate paths my work was taking, and helped fire up a new mindset for a bold new vision. The seeds may be planted stealthily but Steph’s magic reaches deep and transformation WILL occur.
— Angela Winter, Voice and Creativity Coach (Columbia, MD Retreat)

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She has the ability to see things no other coach or mentor has - she can zero in on a person’s strengths and the direction they need to be going in to be in alignment with themselves.

And her marketing framework is so damn powerful. Had she not pointed out what she did, God only knows how long I’d go on other strategies because I felt the need to ‘sell’ myself.

She’s a powerful leader and guide. The kind I wish I had worked with right from the get go.
— Kaliopi (Toronto Workshop)
Working with Steph is miraculous. She has an ability to both hold you gently in a safe space AND see through whatever nonsense you may be telling yourself or trying to serve up for others that is uncanny. Steph has led me to greater insights about myself, about my talents, and about what I can do in the world. I’ve taken steps with her guidance that I never would have even considered taking on my own. Her advice, her time, and her guidance are invaluable. If you have the chance to work with her, do it. If you are on the fence, take a deep breath, and then work with her. No matter what business you are trying to develop you will be immensely happy with that choice.
— Julia Jones, Life Coach, Author, (Columbia, MD Retreat)



steph lagana.jpg

I'm Steph Lagana

I'm a Business Strategist and a Spiritual Teacher and I want to help you ROCK your business in this new paradigm. I know you aren't just in Business, you are responding to a Calling. I see the practical and the magical. The strategic and the sacred.

I know you can be the REAL YOU and attract wildly fabulous clients. I can help you do it.


My in person events are unlike any you've ever attended, for a few different reasons.

One part is the people that I attract. I magnetize powerful, talented women to these events and the community I create is exceptional. You'll love who you meet. Just like I do.

Another part is the individual attention you receive before, during, and after the event. I create this experience so that you get practical, actionable magic. I tune in energetically to the Soul of your Business and identify specific details to support you, and help you develop a precise plan of action to help you move forward.

I create pre-work that opens your mind before we even meet each other. I create space post-workshop for us to connect one-on-one to ensure you have every dang thing you need to soar. 

And while I weave in the practical, I call in the magical too. Whether you are woo-curious, or have been living a life fueled by the Unseen you can breathe easy. It's the woo that works. None that doesn't. The fusion of Magic and Action in the world.


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Those two days with you turned up the volume on EVERYTHING. It just blew it out of the water for me.
— Stacey (Columbia, MD Retreat)





A Spiritually Infused Business Mastery Workshop with me and up to 20 amazing entrepreneurs. 

What's included?

+Two full days of business building magic with me, your host.

+One pre-workshop Guided Visualization and packet.

+One communal 90 minute pre-workshop call where I set the sacred space and we get to know one another so we can make the *absolute* most of our time in person together.

+A 1:1 check in call three weeks after our retreat because I'm setting you up for SUCCESS and that means implementation focus during the retreat and follow up after.  This call alone is worth the signup cost!




What's not included:

+Lunch (there are lots of fantastic options nearby so you can be in charge of your dietary pleasure, no matter how clean or dirty you are trying to eat 😉),

+Lodging (if you're local feel free to drive over -- for the truly immersive retreat experience, consider booking a hotel nearby)

It's time to love your marketing so you can land a stream of clients with ease and be confident that you are doing exactly what you need to be doing.


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Steph helped me to put together doable action steps and re-connect with my soul - my unique pathway to bringing joy back into my business.
— Bev Barnes, Founder of the Soul's Calling Academy and Martha Beck Master Certified Life Coach

My time spent with Steph was nothing short of miraculous. We identified what was really underneath my desire to uplevel my business and how to do it. The guidance from Steph was incredibly clear and powerful, and only confirmed all the intuitive guidance I have been receiving in the past few months regarding how to transform my business. As a life coach who regularly works with intuition and shamanism, it is very refreshing to work with someone who not only “speaks the language,” but also can walk between the physical and intangible realms and offer practical steps. Steph is a gem!
— Juliet Tang, Intuitive Life Coach At Juliettang.Com

Missed the Seattle retreat but still interested in attending another? Click the button below to see all 2019 locations!



Answers for your Qs

Is the dress code really pajamas?

  • Yes. Really. We did it in Boston and Toronto in 2018 and it was an absolute blast! It totally chills you out and because pleasure is a priority inside the workshop and in your life, it sets a fantastic tone for you to unearth what you truly want. Trust me. It works.

What if I'm very new to business building?

  • This will light a fire in your heart like no other. I am called to help uncover the soul purpose inside of people and help them locate the simplest and most powerful method for them to get their gifts out into the world. 

I get anxious about group stuff. What if I don’t fit in?

  • You’re not alone. Group stuff can give me the fidgets. One of my favorite memories from 2018 was having an attendee swear up and down at the end of our time together that she was convinced she was going to be “the odd sock.” Instead she wound up having a marvelous experience and making wonderful friends in the process. If you show up as who you really are, people will jam with you. If you still aren’t sure, take a deep breath and apply for a call!

Still have questions?

You can email me to chat ( otherwise you can click the link below to get on my newsletter.