Sacred sources

A Self-care revolution for men and women who are ready to release struggle


There’s a quiet voice within you ready to fiercely declare:


No more.

No more serving everyone else and putting your own needs last.

No more being quiet to be polite.

No more being over-extended, depleted, and exhausted.


How about ease instead?

True and deep joy.

Calm knowing and fierce radiance.

Tapping into your inner steadiness that grounds you in joy and wonder.


I know the pain of service so steep there is nothing left for yourself. I’ve tasted freedom. That’s why I created Sacred Sundays.


You've tried to change on your own.  The best of intentions have been caught up in the daily demands of life.  You want space to pursue your passion [instead of your productivity!], permission to rest and deeply follow your intuition and respect your needs.  


This Program is for you if

  • You are Depleted and Overextended from Serving Others and Putting Your Needs Last

  • You're Ready for this Year to be Different

  • You're Willing to Take Action to Support Your Transformation & Quantum Leap to a New Level of Joy

  • You Have Served Other People & FORGOTTEN Yourself and that Paradigm is Ready to Shift


When you join Sacred sources you will: 

  • Receive personal help on your #1 biggest challenge that’s getting in the way of living your most fulfilled life

  • Know exactly what you need to do to reconnect deeply with your joy

  • Have a clear plan to consistently live a life that supports your Desires and Dreams

  • Receive unclouded, practical guidance to address your challenges & make necessary changes

  • Recognize your strengths and clarify how to leverage your own personal style to create a life filled with ease and flow


here's what sacred sources includes:

  • four months of sacred space where you can safely explore your unique truth and joy, free from the social sauce of toxic "Should's"

  • three Sundays with 45 minutes of One-on-One Coaching and an Energetic Attunment each month

  • Intentional Rest and Deep Integration TO FULLY INTERNALIZE YOUR INSIGHTS the fourth week

  • a theme and accompanying MP3 released every week

  • Practical exercises to frame the learning and provide space to take action to support your best life



or three payments of $1,090.


Look. You’re on a trajectory. If the thought of repeating your current daily life in 10 years makes you feel nauseated, then this is a critical moment. If the path you’re on isn’t serving you, know that there is a better way. You can be deeply in service to others, take care of yourself, and be filled with joy moment to moment.


this is an opportunity to make a choice. The truth is most people are more willing to invest in a new car transmission than they are in the life that they want.


You’ve got this. and I’ve got you.

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I've never been much for life coaches because I have always felt I should figure my life out for myself. Who is this random person to come in and tell me what I should do??

Steph changed that. Completely.

Her coaching style is one that is soulful, truth-telling, and supportive without being coddling or condescending. She has multiple tools at her disposal to dive into the "good stuff" and is truly inspired by working with her clients. She digs deeply but only into whatever it is I want assistance with. She is willing to tell the truth from her perspective, and believes that every person has a path to walk that is sacred, valued, and unique.  

I have never been one to think that life coaching is for me. But Mythical Enterprises is for me, and it has helped me gain tangible results in my life such as a new job, huge personal growth, and emotional awakenings that have led to deeper relationships. I am really grateful for my experiences with Stephanie, and I cannot recommend her highly enough.

- Sara