Do you sense your intuition but struggle with mastering it?



you are poised to go bigger...

I can feel it.

And I'd like to support you.

I know navigating these challenges can be scary. It's extra complicated because language doesn't seem to be available to even START to begin to form the questions.

How do you even approach what you haven't seen? It's out of the corner of your eye. It's on the edge of what you can sense.

You aren't going crazy. You're just Awakening.

Use the link below to sign up for a call with me. We can talk about the journey you've been on and what tools you need to navigate the land ahead.

I feel like I’ve seen some sort of energetic chiropractor who realigned me in ways that made me a clearer conduit for energy, spirit, God - whatever it is this thing I know now to listen to and build my life and practice around.

After every session, I noticed blocks dissipating and ideas flowing. The way I show up in the world now is drastically different. I’ve launched my very first paid coaching offering into the world and have two new one-on-one clients. The work we did felt like an uncorking of cosmic energy.
— Rachel Bruns, Coach for Mystic-Menders at
From the first moment I heard Steph’s voice I knew I was speaking with someone I could feel absolutely at ease with. She quickly connected with me in such a way that I felt I had known her for years!

I was struggling with an issue that had me baffled and stuck. Through her gentle guidance I was able to see this in a way that totally changed my perspective and that was exactly what I needed.
— Donna Whaley

clarity, calm, connection

practical details

Dear One,

I do one-on-one work that is very deep. It is a fusion of coaching, intuitive work and messages from my Guides, mentoring and spiritual support. I use energy work between sessions, provide priority email support, and Voxer (voice messaging) connection. This work can be around business but it's also profoundly spiritual (as I do!).  

The minimum commitment is four months, though I typically feel into a span of time that is intuitively aligned, which I encourage you to validate with your own sense of joy-truth-alignment.

The four month minimum is important because we all go through cycles. You'll feel incredibly clear, energized, and activated from working with me. That's just part of what I bring. And then you'll typically experience a dip.

This is a valley among the peaks where you fall out of alignment and practice bringing yourself back into alignment. This is really important because it's REAL LIFE. 

You'll practice coming back from that misalignment and you'll learn even more about how you operate by doing so.

When you step into working with me, you step into the next version of yourself. I am a portal to the next highest soul truth inside of you. Sound airy-fairy? It's not. It's wildly practical, magically delicious and it's waiting for you to step towards it.


The program varies because it is bespoke, customized for each client. If you don't already have a series of practices related to grounding, centering, and energetic boundaries while walking in the world we typically review that material early on in our conversations.

What does not change in the work that I do - I connect you with your Guides. I help you intensely amplify your connection with your intuition. I help you modify your lifestyle to bring you into wild alignment so creation and progress against what you want takes far less effort (notice I didn't say effortless).  This is really important to me. You are meant to know how to navigate according to your own internal orientation. We are all meant to know how to sail through this dance with ease and grace it's just that modern society has dropped this from the curriculum!


A word on the journey

Private work with me can entail many things but is an initiation into Deeper Mysteries. It is a threshold for my clients who are ready to become even more Wild and Aligned in their lives. There are many teachings that are more mystical and hidden that I pull forward for my clients. If this notion tantalizes you and lights a fire in your belly, you are likely my people. We are meant to work together. Apply for a call below and let's see where this magic wants to flow! 

The Mystery School is a four-figure investment so if that investment is beyond where you are right now, come closer into my orbit --- join my newsletter list and subscribe to my podcast.

Since starting my work with Steph in the Incubator and then as a Private Client in the Mystery School, I blossomed more fully into myself (YES!) and discovered the kind of coach (and person) I have always longed to be. I completed the 60-page coaching guidebook I only had a vision for when I first started working with her, I’ve done a slew of FB lives and other videos (which were SO scary in the beginning and now I feel more comfortable doing them), I have a deeper connection to my spiritual team and most importantly, feel divinely supported and guided al the time.

The peace this has brought into my life is magical. Even my relationships with TIME and MONEY have changed. I am definitely operating from a place of more ease and grace. Less urgency and more allowing. This feels amazing.

The vision for my business came full circle thanks to my work with Steph, in the most authentic and organic way. And this was something I had been struggling with for a while.

I have a deeper, more authentic clarity about my business that simply wasn’t there before. I think identifying as a soul-led entrepreneur has been helpful too. It’s like I finally gave myself permission to feel this deeply about what I want to do. I have systems in place and know what I need to do to get my work done. I have a structure to follow and so many more tools in my toolkit that help demystify this “business” thing.

Steph creates the safest possible space for deep reflection, vulnerability, learning and owning ourselves that is absolutely necessary if we want to up-level ourselves and our businesses. She is also incredibly smart, business savvy and way WOO...I 100% love and need this combo in my life as a soul-led entrepreneur.
— Marieke Bosch Larose, Inspirited Coach & Creator Of My Field Guide at
Steph helped me get into a space where I could do business from the clouds. I set down my books and laptop, and connected with “Source” or “The One” or whatever you want to call it, so that I could see my business from a different perspective. Pretty freakin’ awesome stuff - and I walked away with a fresh knowledge of answers I already had inside of me the whole time. Thank you for your beautiful work.
— R.L. BC, Canada
Steph is a like a laser-guided scalpel for your life and business. Her project management experience coupled with her powerful intuition and Divine Team help her to pinpoint with wild accuracy just what can be tweaked and where the blocks may be.
— Angela Winter, Voice And Creativity Coach, Angelapetersonwinter.Com
She has spiritual x-ray vision!
— Rosie Dalton,
I think more than any other coaching I have experienced, our work has impacted me on a soul level. I feel like what came up has become a fundamental part of me, like it’s in my blood and bones.

I have gotten real clarity about what I need to do (and it wasn’t what I was expecting!!). I have an inner calm, peace and acceptance that wasn’t there before. I’ve had ongoing insights into my experience, and I feel like I’m experiencing real soul healing.
— Abbey Peters, Wellness + Life Coaching,

Welcome to my world.

I know you have burning questions. Questions and the thirst for knowledge are an important part of the foundation for the Mystery School. I'm excited to get to know you and hear more about the path that brought you to this initiation.



Don't be afraid, dear one.

I've seen the work we do and it is profound.