group mystery school


there is a wildness in you ready to be unleashed…

You are sharp, capable, and clever. You've gotten far using your mind but where you are going next it can't lead.

There is something that has been calling you. Just on the edge of your vision. Just beyond what you can put into words.

The sacred Unseen has had it's eyes on you. And it's almost time for you to come forward and Remember who you came here to be.

You've gone through so much growth. But there's still more waiting. 


I'm re-opening my Group Mystery School for a select group of humans who are ready to unlock their magic and unleash it into the world in a profound and sustainable way.

Before I tell you more let me make clear. I am a non-traditional teacher. I am practical, grounded in the world as a guide and I am here to help you remember your magic and make the most of it IN the world, mind AND body.


it's not just a program it's a portal

I share elements of the curriculum below but make no mistake, this isn't a classroom it's a forge.

That might sound a little dramatic if you aren't familiar with my work but truly, this is the Calling of my Soul. And this is the most intense, the deepest evolutionary offer that's ever come through me.

It is more of the magic and woo than I've ever shared openly (in a group setting) and it's set more in the body, and in the world, than any other time.

That's because of the people. They are ready but need new tools, more magic, deeper support, more profound remembering. This is what I am offering, along with a community of soul family who can see you clearly and support your Rise. 

There will absolutely be other elements to this work but I wanted to give you a taste of each months' teachings under the framework I've been given. 

Orgasmic Manifesting
Solo or in a relationship, vibrational alignment, manifesting keys. Self-love. Visioning. Building the sacred dream. 

Sacred Geometry
Meditating with them, pulling in sacred objects with sacred geometry, crystal grids, excavating patterns in our lives. 

The history of dreams, using dreams to get messages, Dream hygiene, Dreamwalking in life.

Working with the Elementals
Meeting your elemental, consecrating the elements, living in alignment with the Earth, Water, Fire, Earth, Air, communing and apprenticeship.

Calling in your Energetic Allies
Angels/Archangels, Ascended Masters, Oracle cards, Invocations/Blessings, collaborating with your team, and establishing relationships that are juicy/delicious (through out this school I will connect you with your Guides but this month will be an intensive). 

Altars and Ritual
The art of ceremony, prayer. Altars of all types, working with altars, walking/living sacred, life as ritual, business altars, traveling altars, our body as the altar.

And other material to be revealed…

These are just the essential highlights. As the group shifts and elevates more delicious content is going to be unlocked. (It's a fun side effect of your Team collaborating with mine - the transmissions come fast and clear!)

This is an intimate experience with a unique group of souls calling me in to be their teacher. 

Admission is by application only.



Make sure everything else resonates above. If it doesn't, the logistics don't matter. If it does, the details are important but can't keep you from where you are destined to go...

We meet twice a month on Zoom calls. The first call is instructional where we review the core theme of the month. The second call is conversational and we discuss your insights and experiences.

Our Slack sanctuary creates the space for questions, connection, and exploration in between. 

This group Mystery School is October-March.

The investment is $500 / month for six months. A note on fees. This relationship is multidimensional. When you step into this space you become a part of my community and we are in relationship, student and guide. 

This means we are connected profoundly and the work that we are doing has many levels - waking and dreaming. You may find that you wake up with memories of us discussing things or get signs and signals while you are walking in the world that are messengers from me. This level of entrainment is very deep and I ask that you do not undertake it lightly. 

You will be challenged to expand to the best and highest version of yourself when you step into this space. (I don’t mean challenge in the sense of MMA or Tony Robbins!) During the day you will be learning to cultivate (or enhance) your relationship with the unseen and the sacred. As part of you stepping into this work your life will change. It's just a matter of how.

Intrigued? The next steps are for you to apply here and for us to have a conversation. If you are a great fit for this experience I’ll send you sign up so we can get you into the community right away. 

If this feels like a hell yes I want you to come on down. If you are not getting a clear signal from your body your head may be getting in the way. Pull an oracle card, ask your Guides for a sign, talk with me. This can be pretty simple.