You Share It With Luke Skywalker

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His comfort and stability were wrested from him. Demands were put on him that felt onerous, even impossible. He tried to forgo this call but no matter what and where he turned, he seemed to be confronted with this weighty series of tasks. 

Fortunately, help arrived and, through no small series of trials and tribulations, ultimately he was able to prevail. He was different after that. The crucible had changed him. The furnace of the abyss had forged asteel-y wisdom inside him that could never be taken away. He was a new man.

Sound familiar? That’s the tale of my guy Luke, of Star Wars fame. And your story too - though you may not recognize it with it only partly finished.

[Sidenote: I’m talking about the Hero’s Journey today while I’m going back through the material of Joseph Campbell. I’m including portions to support a book I wrote for you called Walking Your Path. It was on sale for a special price to my newsletter peeps! If you aren't on my newsletter list, hop on over and get all the special insights!]

The first time I ever heard of the concept of the Hero’s Journey, I was impressed. It impacted me. There’s only one great story that’s ever been told? It was bold. It was erudite. It had swagger. It was my kind of learning.

Joseph Campbell proposed after much research that there is a pattern in the human experience and a structure underlying the greatest stories ever told, across all time and civilizations. He described various stages to the journey that were common across stories (represented in the graphic below, natch).

This landed with me. Powerfully. And it got moon-rocket-fuel-strength when I began reading about leveraging the power of story, claiming the hero’s journey, and becoming the author of one’s own narrative.

I had a HELL YES flame on inside of me and it hasn’t stopped since. In the intervening time (a decade or more?) I’ve helped people beautifully, intentionally, crystallize the power of their path and understand the purpose in their pain. Long before my coach training it was a part of my natural gifts and talents.

So my sweets, here are six questions to help you understand your own hero’s journey.


When was your last plateau or experience of equilibrium?


What (call to adventure) shook you loose from that?


What helpers/mentors/miracles showed up to support you in your term of need?


What were your subsequent trials and adventures?


What wisdom do you carry now, since you passed through that phase?


What stage of the Hero’s Journey are you on now?


Comment below and let me know how this lands! I love to hear from YOU.  

Magic + Miracles,



If you haven’t heard of this concept there are heaps of resources out there to explore it further.  I particularly cherish Reg Harris’ discussion on it here.  

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You Share It With Luke Skywalker
Mythical Enterprises You Share It With Luke Skywalker.jpg