When Life Becomes Problem Management


Hello fellow fabulous creators,

I was talking with a client earlier and this topic came up - I have got to share this with you because so many folks don't even realize that they are doing it - and it is EPICally diminishing of your creative fire, creative potential, and acts as a severe damper on the life-joy.

So here's the way this one works...

Modern society is very full of things. It's full of stuff (that can break and needs to be repaired, that gets used and needs to be cleaned and put away, that needs to be acquired or donated, and so on).

There is a never ending string of STUFF in our world.

There is also a voluminous amount of information. There's social media, there's texting, there's a raucous amount of emails from Ulta about the latest sale and Gala Darling about her new badass witchy workout (NYCers! you lucky ducks!).

And there is a flow that doesn't end of medical appointments, we-should-have-coffee, oil changes, and take the tiny human to the dentist.

Fuck. I'm getting exhausted just writing this!

The problem with the never ending list of TO-DOs supporting productivity as a goal, is that there is never an end of what needs to be done.

Which means that there is no space in your life for YOU unless you create it.

And western society has this "Exhaustion is Vogue" thing happening which means that We May Feel Compelled to Attend the Church of Busy-ness to Feel Our Value and Prove Our Worth.

If you attend this service regularly I want to highlight 1) it's happening, 2) it's optional and 3) by prioritizing that way of being we miss out on honoring the sacred call within.

If you ask yourself first, What do I need? Your world shifts on its axis.

If you regularly ask, What wants to happen next? The Path becomes sacred treasure and infused with magic.


I implore you from the deepest parts of me.



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When Life Becomes Problem Management
Stephanie LaganaComment