Stop This to Unlock Your 97%


Before you have momentum in your business, you are going to try to make the actions that you take into grandiose volcano-climbing hikes.

It will require once in a lifetime preparation - for you to do your first webinar.

You will need every supply possible - to tell people your services are for sale.

It will necessitate having a perfectly clean house - to be ready to share that your signature offer is live.

Trust me, I’ve been there.

Your mind is going to want to tell you that the waiting (for X) is the height of reasonable.

Of course you have to redesign your website to bring in paying clients! That’s what they see!

Naturally you need to have 15,000 likes on your Facebook page before getting on a podcast. That’s just social proof!

It’s obvious that a sleek put-together brand and marketing strategy is the foundation for a successful business. You can’t advertise for clients until you’ve done the legwork.

Bull-hockey. All of it.

There is nothing holding you back other than your stories.

Now I get that they are powerful. But they are just stories. (Someone is out there, I can feel it, yes, just send me your story and I’ll tell you that one isn’t the exception. Go on.)

Your fear is holding you back because that’s what fear can do. It can make you feel alive, heighten your senses, sharpen your focus, help you pay immaculate attention - but uncontained it can also be a grotesque bully, removing you from the people who need you most, keeping you small, and killing 97% of the fun.

The truth, dear ones, is that no one single step is ever going to be as important as the series of steps that you take on your journey.

The first time you do a webinar may not be special. But you have to move through it in order to get to the 13th which will be.

The less than brilliant brand design that you may have now matters less than your consistent sharing, transparency, and willingness to be of service to the clients who are seeing you show up (and not the others who are still stuck in Wordpress plugins).

Your lack of a niche will get sorted out naturally over time, by you doing your craft, so dry-heaving over its absence (I love me some hyperbole!) will only make you dehydrated. So stop.

  • Just show up.

  • Execute the minimum viable product. (The smallest possible step that takes you to the high level goal)

  • Take consistent, aligned action toward your goals. (Don’t just be busy, follow what energizes you)

  • Wash, rinse, repeat.

(Doing it once typically isn’t enough for well, anything. Do it 100 times. And improve on each iteration)

I know that might sound like a lot. Especially if you’ve been letting fear take the lead. That’s why you have to know your Why and understand what happens if you don’t let this part out of you into the world.

It’s also why you need support. Get a cheerleading friend, join a local network, hire me. Just get someone on your side who will see you through. You deserve it. And the world needs your medicine.

All my love from Mythical HQ,




Photo by Sudiono Muji on Unsplash


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Stop This to Unlock Your 97%