Three Unreasonably Effective Tips to Manage Social Anxiety

Three Unreasonably Effective Tips to Manage Social Anxiety.jpg

I wanted to give you some tips on how to handle social anxiety this week.

Ok, that's kind of a stretch. Let me be more precise...

I intentionally offer you the medicine that I receive and since my social anxiety has been cropping up recently, I'm sharing wisdom in that area. There. That's better.


Sometimes I'll get emails or comments from people on Facebook that make me wonder if they've gone nutters. A side reference to my fearless truth-seeking ways. Or a note about how I would do things, more directly and with especial verve. It makes me giggle.

Because I seek to show up in transparency. And even though I deliberately stoke the fire inside of me, and cultivate my courage, I'm afraid ALL. THE. TIME. For serious. For a while my darling pygmy hedgehog was my spiritual teacher. Built wholly for self protection, constantly flinching, a prey animal searching for predators. But the things is, as Liz Gilbert says, I'm just 1% more curious than I am afraid. So I'm continuously seeking my truth.

Until I'm not. You see I also get social anxiety. It might happen infrequently but it feels like a character actor waiting in the wings (ready to make a special appearance when the plot can be significantly moved forward with it's arrival). 

I'll arrange for an amazing trip, then get stumped packing for it the day before. (Ohmygod, what was I thinking? I don't wanna go!)

Or agree to go out on an awesome date then decide last minute I'm crazy for thinking it was a good idea.

Or just wake up and realize my instinct to build blanket forts is stronger than my ability to interact with the rest of humanity. 

Can you relate? I thought so... Without further ado, here are three unconventional but wildly effective ways to manage social anxiety.

Breathe Life Into It

Anthropomorphize this feeling state into an avatar. Talk to it. Ask it what it has to tell you. Go big with this. Set a place for your anxiety at the dinner table. Buy an extra egg roll for her. What is the message? The more potently you can connect with the energy, the more rapidly and effectively you can discern what it wants to convey. And it IS speaking to you.

Burrow Into It

Indulge it. Go deeper into it than you thought possible. Put on your most comfortable, least socially acceptable clothing. Line up hundreds of herbal tea bags to taste. Experiment with how little you can get down or how few people you can speak with.

Life is happening for us, not to us, so how does this serve? When I've consciously entered Hobbit-tude I've had profound awareness develop. The sooner you can connect with the energy the more quickly you can unravel the gift. In western society we excel at worshipping action and business, sometimes the gift of anxiety is solitude and stillness. 

Transpose It

Channel a more powerful emotion to come through you. Anger works well here. So does envy. When I went zip lining in April and was standing at the top of the tower I brought in my frustration with the career that I was ending and let it come through my physical body in waves - it was enough to help launch me off a sixty-five foot platform even though I'm terrified of heights. Just saying. (I don't recommend this as an everyday salve. But it works in a pinch!) 

This I know for sure - 

Life is happening for you.

The Universe is conspiring to gift you with everything you desire.

What would you do differently if you believed that?  

With Love and Light from Mythical HQ,



This newsletter has info on anxiety.  If you are sad or self shut in regularly you may be depressed and you may need professional help. I trust you to be in charge of yourself and know what's best for you. All choices are your own. Makes sense, right?

One more thing. The Blue Angels have been in town this week and my nervous system has felt on the fritz. If like me, you have PTSD, I suggest you look into Tension and Trauma Release (TRE) developed by David Berceli. It's been a game changer for me. Details on it are available at

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3 Effective Tips to Manage Social Anxiety
Three Unreasonably Effective Tips to Manage Social Anxiety.jpg