Three Techniques for Jedi Mastery of Your Intuition

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With a significant tingle of excitement I realized today there are only 12 days left until I leave for Monterey. 

It's been on the way for a while now but I didn't realize it. And I don't know what will happen when I get there. I only know that it feels BIG. 

I've made enough intuitive leaps in my life that I know to trust that sensation. And be in awe of it.

It's funny how this has happened. This life. I share my story and I get reactions varying from disbelief (whale eye!) and admiration to head wagging and envy. People are shocked that I've gone on this path. Leaving my ex, leaving the home we had established, leaving my old career with the military, jumping in to entrepreneurship, packing it all away, going to India on spiritual walkabout. And on and on.

I've got to share that I can hardly believe it either.

I've done all of this one step at a time. And when I think about the most important knowledge that I can share with you to help you walk your path with ease and grace, what I come up with is always about turning down the volume on the social sauce and turning up the volume on your inner knowing.  

Accelerating Your Intuition

But what's the best way to do that? Lots of people talk about intuition but how do you, no kidding, integrate it into your life and make it a powerful tool that you can rely on? Well no worries dear one, I've got you. Here are my most powerful techniques to get you to Jedi-level mastery by the end of the year. 

Make Space to Receive

Your Guides and the Divine are endlessly trying to engage with you. It's a constant conversation and they are always looking to get you to pick up the phone. But how to get this party started?

You need to MAKE SPACE in order for their messages to come in. Because let's face it, our heads our busy. There is a never ending to-do list and a drive for productivity that dismantles our connection with the present. Our mind is trying to support us in our goals and it often thinks the helicopter head is helpful. But it's not. 

So what does space look like? 

Meditation (watch your thoughts go by, and breathe). Stillness in nature (I prefer sitting by trees, or at the ocean). Journaling (daily stream of consciousness writing).

Julia Cameron, author of The Artist's Way, referred to her daily journaling practice (or morning pages) as spiritual windshield wipers. Isn't that fantastic? And yes, I'm telling you 1/3 of your obstacle to legendary access to your intuition is your willingness to give a simple, effective habit a go. Prove me wrong.

Feel It

Crazed helicopter head thoughts (think whir whir whir, you'll get it) come from a fundamentally different place inside of you than your soul whispers, intuitive nudges, and gut hunches. 

You may feel these things in a completely different way. For me my noxious panicked thoughts (I assure you, I have them) come from a high-up space in my body. They seem to pop up in my head, behind my eyes, and feel untethered (and unwelcome).

My gut instincts and soul whispers always seem to be softer, gentler, kinder. They live deeper in my body. In my torso, at times in my low belly. Sometimes surfacing from the inside of my chest, around the heart space. 

Feeling where the urges or thoughts come from involves your presence. Which entails being connected to the present moment in your life, not fighting the past or fleeing towards the future. This spring I've discovered a profound link between my hydration and my ability to stay present. I'm 10x motivated to drink water now. Do you have any self-care needs that influence your ability to stay connected?


Not to be unsexy and practical - but to be unsexy and practical the biggest tip that I have for you will probably sound the most lame. That's the rub with conventional wisdom. It sounds sad and flat. Then you follow it. And if you're like me you start shouting at people WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME? And they say, pretty sure I did. And then you grumble.

But I digress. I didn't follow my nudge to leave for India after ignoring my intuition for a decade. I did it after practicing with small hunches and getting feedback that what I was feeling and the subsequent action that I took led to good things. It's been a process. I've gathered data on what listening to my intuition gets me. And it's really good.

But I had to have the proof before I went big. And you will too. So start small and go to that new coffee shop you've been pondering. Or that meet up group that has potential. Or write that blog you've been mulling over. Or call your mother. I don't know what your intuition is telling you - but I do know that it's talking. 

These are the practices that I implement with my clients - if you're ready to step into ease and grace in your life and business, let's chat.

All my love from Mythical HQ,

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Three Techniques for Jedi Mastery of Your Intuition
Mythical Enterprises 3 Techniques for Jedi Mastery of Your Intuition.jpg