There's Incredible Energy Waiting for You Here


When I was in my old career (as a Death Dealer for the war machine) I was well known for my ability to press forward in spite of nonsensical obstacles. 

There's no funding. Can we get it done? ✅
The deadline was three days ago. Is there any chance? ✅
We should have a staff of 13 to run this but we only have you. Thoughts? ✅

The Clear Path Ahead

A major part of my ability to make miracles happen was my capacity to quickly digest extraordinary amounts of data and see the simplest line between what was needed and the starting point. 

I could craft feasible, clear plans of action that would make Napoleon swoon (English-to-English translation is my specialty!). It required discipline to focus on only those things that moved the needle forward. Just like running your business.

Need more clients? Pitch yourself.
Not 👋 fiddling 👋 with 👋 website 👋 redesign. 

Need more exposure? Create original content.
Not 👋 re-sharing 👋 Facebook 👋 posts.

Need to make money? Talk consistently & explicitly about what you do & invite people to talk with you.
Not 👋 grieving 👋 one 👋 post 👋 with 👋 little or no 👋 engagement.

The anxiety makes you want to burst at the seams but if you contain the energy and funnel it into major moves, you'll soar. 

Decide or Perish

Another fundamental aspect of my rocket launch like momentum was (is) the ability to make quick decisions. I would leave my peers in the dust because while they were still calculating the political ramifications of a certain strategy I was already three meetings deep into the execution. 

I could be cavalier like that because I knew the exact bounds of my authority and was crystal clear on the consequences of inaction. Because I was seeing it all around me. In GAO reports detailing the failures of byzantine bureaucracies. In the horror stories of veterans I spoke with. 

I've found through a lot of experience with decision making that there is an incredible energy inside of you that you unlock when you decide to move forward. It's a ginormous amount of power. But it only unlocks when you decide. Until then it stores up like extra fuel housed near fireworks. It's pressurizing and more than a touch scary.

I Get Stuck Too

I teach what I teach because I'm really fucking good at it. I'm so good because I've had so many challenges that I've moved through. And, oh friend, the learning isn't over yet.  I started working with a business coach who immediately identified that I needed to raise my rates. Of course! I said. It makes complete sense. I'll do it. And I've been serving my little heart out without making the changes I committed to make. Because it's scary. Because it means moving beyond the tiny bedroom community that I was trained in (and my story of how they aren't into marketing, or making money, or - whatever). 

So I'm finally raising my rates and getting out of my own way. But I wanted to mine the gold for you. I thought about it to try and suss out - how do I normally make my decisions? What helps me sail forward?

Three Questions to Energize Your Decision-Making

I realized that I have questions/considerations that help me massively cut through the noise.

  • Why is this important to me?

  • What is waiting costing me?

  • From a resourceful, MacGyver-like perspective, what's the worst that can happen from taking action?

The last question is especially important. When you are committed to your success, finding the conduit for how it comes through it just details. 

Have you got on your science hat? It's time to experiment and find your rocket fuel!  

To your Success,


If you're ready to MacGyver the fuck out of your business you can apply for a chemistry call here.


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There's Incredible Energy Waiting for You Here
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