Show Up to Practice πŸ‹πŸ½


If Entrepreneurship was overlaid on the Olympics it would look something like this.

Gold Medal for Fly Fishing (Digital Marketing?) would be 8 figures.
Cash money.

Silver Medal for Gymnastics (Mindset Coaching?) would be 7 figures.
And brilliant hair.

Bronze Medal for Biathlon (Health Coaching?) would be 6 figures.
Killer abs too.

Problem is - TV likes the highlight reel.

Attention span is weak. So you got four minutes max.

One or two shots of the swimming pool (or the ski slope). Few background pics of the fam - highlighting dedication. Narrate and wax poetic about commitment to diet and no social life, overlay stretching pre-competition. Complete.

But srsly tho...

If entrepreneurship was overlaid on the Olympics... what's the equivalent of showing up to practice, sucking up your diet despite Thirsty Thursdays and skinnying down social commitments to your birthday to make that medal platform your beau?

Serving the first person that shows up like they are 10,000.

Writing the blog post you know your partner will read like it's being published then referenced by The Rock.

CELEBRATING that $197 you made like it's your first $190,700.

Not letting the lack of millions in their bank account or their inbox invade their mind or infect their dream.

At 4 AM you show up at the gym and you sure as shit can tell which athletes are on track to medal. Because they live and breathe the dream.

They're already on the platform. Touching the coin. Smiling at the crowd. Glorying. They were born for this.

Are you?

This is a call from the Divine, my friends.

Show up.

Don't resent the process. It will make the victory sweeter.


You're gonna like the killer calves you have from all this exo and the grit you cultivate.


After all, you were born for this.

Srsly tho folks. If you want to medal... Show up for practice.


If you need help to show for practice you can apply for a chemistry call with me here

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Show Up to Practice
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