Seven Secrets from Seven-Figure Earners


The first day of the publicity event I attended I met an energized man from Canada who was passionately talking about his work and just as enthusiastically asking questions. He told me that he had gone through a series of amazing transformations in the past year and he called himself the 100 Million Dollar Man because he was raising that investment for a solar company. The very next day he told the group he had to become the Billion Dollar Man, because he had raised the $100M in capital!

I've been leveling up for a while now but that was a whole new level. Just like sitting next to an entrepreneur who had built multiple 7 figure businesses and now only works five days a month. 

As ever, I want to break down this experience for you so you can get the gold from it. Although I'm going to highly recommend if you are ready for visibility on a bigger scale that you attend this event -- just comment below and ask me about it. 

Rather than create some murky Us/Them dynamic I'm going to lean forward into the future where we are ALL 7 figure earners, or we have the mindset that supports it. (I know not everyone wants to go there and that's ok)

So, here's what we do as high profile, massive impact entrepreneurs:

We are dialed into Win-Wins

We know our superpowers and see the simple ways that our power meshes with others. It's straightforward to uplift others and create more money and more opportunity. Wins on top of wins on top of wins! They.Are.Everywhere.

We are Always doing Mindset Work

Whether it's waking up and reading that fantastic book or going to bed writing gratitude lists or talking at lunch about the affirmations that are lipsticked onto the bathroom mirror - the mindset work is always in the background, always a part of the conversation. We can't get away from it and we wouldn't want to!

We are open to making every area of our lives better

We aren't waiting for some gaping maw of a problem to address a particular area of our lives. When we meet someone doing a stellar thing we are open to how it might make our lives better. There isn't a threshold that has to be met to kick off exploring how to better an area of our life. We are ALWAYS searching for how to be the best version of ourselves. 

We have problems/fear & We do it anyway

We recognize that everyone, EVERYONE, from that favorite influencer to that legendary historical person has / had problems and fear. NO ONE IS EXEMPT FROM THIS. And if they aren't talking about it, it doesn't mean they don't have them, it just means they aren't talking about it. Which means we treat everyone as equals, and recognize a massive differentiator between us and the people not stepping up into their power is just the decision to do that. Protection or growth. Fear or expansion. Pick one. It's that simple. 

Our boundaries are sky-high

Since we are growing and connecting and cultivating success like summer beans people are asking us for things all the time. Advice. Opportunities to use our platform. Requesting to connect with our network. And it's ok because it's just another part of the place we are at. And it's better than ok because we have a highly refined awareness of what is for us and not. After hundreds and thousands of these 'Asks' we've gotten really good at spotting what is a great match, and what isn't. And ditching any guilt because we all get to where we need to go...

Our bullshit meter is through the roof

We've been doing this a spell and when people aren't leading from the heart we can feel it. When it's transactional and they just want something from us we can tell. So we don't spend time with this folks because we know just how many people there are out in the world who are ready to rise AND uplift others. People who aren't open to that combo aren't our people and that's ok. 

We aren't afraid to say YES for no reason other than it feels right

We don't have to take weeks to justify it rationally. We don't have to create complex charts detailing pros and cons and share it with five people we trust. We. Trust. Ourselves. And we know that taking action quickly is part of how the magic comes in. 

To that end if you'd like to join me on a chemistry call you can apply here. On the call we'll talk through how the Divine is trying to communicate with you and what she wants you to do next. If we are a great match I'll answer any questions you have about my private Mystery School. I'm enrolling two new clients this month and these calls are the only way to sign up.  

You can say yes to that adventure by applying here

To your rise,


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Seven Secrets from Seven-Figure Earners