Make Money and Slay Deatheaters


I've got tears in my eyes as I write this. I've been reading about José Andrés who is on a mission to feed Puerto Rican residents and is making an incredible impact. 

Talking with my clients the past few months I have stressed how the world is on fire. It's true and I know that business can be the mechanism for social change. That's the future. When you have practice connecting to the ocean of peace inside of you, when you have healing gifts the serve, how can you not?

Grow your platform. Increase your reach. Serve millions.  1+1+1=3X

I'm connecting the dots over and over again because that's part of my medicine (edit: I prefer to use the term magic these days). It's so clear to me that the healing of the world takes place with powerful people deploying their gifts with kindness out into the world. Using their reach for good, over and over again.

A part of what I see is that Entrepreneurs have been sold a lie (or twenty) about what it takes to create a thriving practice.

You need the big picture, narrow focus, and the discipline to put one foot in front of the other, moving towards your scare-citement. (And yes, if you're in a rush that's where 💰 💰 💰 comes in)

I see so many Wannapreneurs that won't get off the couch because they can't run a marathon. 

Guess what buttercup? No one starts with rock hard calves in this game. You build up to it.

While I have a preternatural ability to tell fear to fuck off it's something that I've grown over time. You have to BUILD your practice. Your new life requires new ways of thinking, acting, and being. The idea that you can sustain it for extended periods of time is wildly optimistic. 

As Dwight on The Office says, FALSE. 

The circumstances are few and far between that require us to take immediate, comprehensive or complete action. Instead the massive action is the summary of the consistent steps you take. Every day. Every week.

And that may sound unsexy but babe hang with me I got you some sizzle for that steak. 

💰 Bumping up against your comfort zone and getting friendly with fear IS where you make your profits. 💰Bursting through "but I can't" is positively magnetic and the aliveness of that treasure draws people towards you. That's because your fear is showing you where your POWER hides.

Whether you are whale-eyed at the idea of doing your first video or frustrated with your eleventey-seventh digital course I can help you grow your business with more magic, play and pleasure than you ever thought possible. And I've got a whole (practically Poppins-esque!) bag of fear-busting tricks so you can call in a powerful Patronus whenever Deatheaters appear. 🌪️🦌⚡

And friends, the Ministry of Magic is overwhelmed right now. We need to be the change we wish to see in the world. Money + your gifts can, for fucking sure, help you do that in astounding ways. Which means wands up and get ready to use your gifts and be seen for the wizard you are. 

Know it’s your time? We might need to talk about how the Incubator can help you launch.

To your Success + Being what the world needs,


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Make Money and Slay Deatheaters
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