Let's Talk About You Doing It This Week


Fugazi, the greyhound I used to live with, would do speedy figure-eights (zoomies!) in the backyard, just for the hell of it. Fu would make this happen one or two times a day and if I was there I'd stand by and watch. It made me so happy to see him bound around the garden with his tongue hanging out and his eyes shining.

I loved to watch him play. I still love to watch others play. But I don't do very much of it myself. How about you?

I was talking with a private client recently about this - about the productive nature of being intentionally un-productive. We were talking about how pleasure is SO stinking productive and as I pondered this week's transmission the message that I got from my Guides was on Play. It's such a juicy topic.

+Play reminds us of who we really are. 

On the highest of levels. Beyond the gifts that we carry in this life and the soul work that we do. It is agenda-less time. Which makes it so meaningful because it takes us out of time and the energy we ultimately are. 

+Play is relaxing which opens us up to insights from our Guides.

There is a segment of the workforce that spends most of their time clenched from stress and obligations, bouncing from box to box (homes to work and back, possibly to the gym). This is, simply-put, crazy making. This level of tension and compression is unsustainable and unhealthy. We have to relax and release our clenched hands to allow Life to flow. One of the ways that it flows is through us and in the Messages from our Guides. If you aren't able to unclench you will have a 1000x the difficulty in seeing the magic all around you. 

+Play builds community. And trust.

We need this more than ever right now. You feel me?

+Play lets our mental mind take a pause which makes room for intuition, creativity and (bazinga!) non-linear problem solving. 

Bingo. Your pleasure is productive. Now please step into it. Especially if you already believe in, and practice, the power of play I challenge you to bring other adults with you. Now, more than ever, we need sacred connection, intimacy, deep rest, and release that play cultivates. 

One of you is going to argue that play can't be sacred or transfiguring. I can feel it! You can go right ahead and watch this video here to be reminded. 

All my love to you,

P.S.T. - Need ideas? Coloring books, jigsaw puzzles, building and flying kites, playing costume with what's in your closet, playing sports, board games or LARP with a local meetup group, learning a magic trick, watching a bird bath or sit in nature, collage or fingerpainting, visiting a local animal shelter, DANCEing. 


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Let's Talk About You Doing It This Week
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