Is Your Website a Cupcake Generating Machine? πŸŽ‚


Having a website is not the same as having website traffic. Think of your website as a house in LA. If you installed a cupcake machine in the kitchen how would people find it? Yelp probably. Social sharing on FB too. Or Instagram.

They wouldn't just magically show up. They'd have to hear the buzz. Then investigate for themselves. Having a website is like that. There is a lot of real estate around you. Unless you tell people it's there, or give them a reason to investigate, there isn't going to be rando traffic. Make sense?

And to be 150% clear this is completely natural. It’s nothing to be ashamed about. Building a list involves a lot of things including talking about the fact that you have a list regularly on social media. After all there are an estimated billion websites out there in the interwebs. And Bluehost estimates there are 164 million blogs online but only 29% get more than 200 visits a day.

That’s a lot of writing and not a metric ton of visibility. So what can you do to up the traffic to your page? To increase the sign-ups for your newsletter? To increase potential customers that want to hear from you?

Follow your natural strengths and look for where the energy wants to flow.

(Don’t do shit that feels icky! Can I get an amen?)

Write fantastic content

Pitch your writing to platforms with audiences that match the problem you solve.

Wash, rinse, repeat.

Host a giveaway

Buy three copies of your favorite book and select members of your list to receive them free. (Heyyyyyyyyy Santa!) Or offer a scholarship to your next class. What would make you feel like Oprah? Do that.

Ask readers to share

Your readers are your fans. Full stop. Whether they are classy bitches or hooligans (kidding, mostly) these people are open to having you regularly in their email which means they are into you. Ask them to do you a solid and pass your content to someone in their world that would enjoy you. Easy peezy.

Leverage your real estate

Share your website everrrrawhere. On your social media account profiles (think Instagram, Facebook, Twitter). On your business cards.

But also on your signature block in your email. On Google Business listings or via Google AdWords. On Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Yelp. How about a bumper sticker for your car? Or a hoodie you wear while walking the mall?

Don't Forget

As always, please, for the love of all that is holy, including you, please PLEASE don’t do any of this if it feels gross or apoplexy-inducing. Creating from that space is a mojo killer. And alignment is foundational in the new paradigm.

To your Success,

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Is Your Website a Cupcake Generating Machine?
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