Four Ways To Detect Fear Parading As Faux-Intuition

Four Ways To Detect Fear Parading As Faux-Intuition.jpg

I went to India for three months on a Spiritual Walkabout.

Because the little voices in my head told me so.

Of course I didn't always have this close a relationship with my Intuitive Knowing.

One of the more common issues that people experience when they are trying to live more aligned, truth-y lives is discerning when an inner voice is spouting fear or intuitive information. So I'm sharing some signals so you can be on the lookout. 

Fear-as-Faux-Intuition Emphasizes What You Can't Do - or the Royally-Complex

One of the blessings of being strongly aligned with my intuition (and my Divine Support Team) is that my life is SOOOOOOOOO much simpler. My knowing leads me from one step, to another, to another. I don't have to know how I'm going to be published in order to write a book. (Especially when the word wants to be written.)

Fear likes to insist you can't do things. (NOOOOO, that's not impossible! It's too hard! That's crazy!) It also wants to micro-manage results, rather than support your participation or creativity. Have an idea for a webinar? Fear wants to know how you won't fuck up or why you should do it if you can't guarantee it will reach 10,000 people. 

Intuition says, Give it a go. This could be fun. Or induces you to another simple, tangible step which may or may not make logical sense. Leading to my next tip.

Fear-As-Faux-Intuition Never Takes You Out of Your Comfort Zone - It Likes Its Box, TYVM

No matter how simple what your intuition is asking you, it can actually cause left-brained-panic. Often your soul is giving you tasks that stretch you, or leading you into synchronicities. So what could be very simple winds up being laughably anxiety-inducing. (Wait. You want me to try a NEW coffee shop? We already have a coffee shop. Why do we need two?)

Intuition asks you to take action (or not) in a way that gets you out of your comfort zone. Often asking you to do different things so you can get different results. You'll recognize it because fear is like a jailer. It wants set times for everything. Order. Certainty. All the usual suspects. Everything in its place, a place for everything.

Intuition is open to a twee bit of chaos. And dances regularly with uncertainty. New places, strange people, activities you've never tried. A way of being you haven't experimented with (NOT responding to the fuqwittery of that relative, or TOTALLY setting a boundary).

Look for the stretch that takes you out of your box. Which leads me to my next step.

Fear-As-Faux-Intuition Can't Handle the Present Moment

When you become firmly aligned with your intuition, you can rest easily in the present moment. Take aligned action. Then rest. Then play. Then take aligned action. Wash, rinse, repeat. It's a beautiful thing. 

Fear wants you to have all the answers. And none of them are ever good enough to allay it's concerns. (Want to take action? You better EXPLAIN YOURSELF dammit! Can't explain? That's not good enough. We need to stay in the box. It's safer here.) Even when the next step feels good, right, true, a bit of a stretch. Fear says, I don't care. (That's not the way we do things here. I need the WHOLE PLAN. Signed in Triplicate. Endorsed by Health and Welfare. Reviewed by Risk.)

You'll recognize fear because your interest won't be good enough. (I need to know how this fits in the plan! What will that get us? We have laundry to DO!) And, it ALWAYS has something else for you to do.

Need a nap? No, no, we need to worry about our finances.
Ready for lunch? Oh no, that email needs to be sent or the world will break.

Leading to my next tip.

Fear-As-Faux-Intuition Hides Poorly; Your Over-Scheduled, Sleep-Deprived, Dehydrated Mind Needs Your Support

FAFI (new acronym, trying it out) is a terrible actor. It failed out of Juilliard (it was a janitor) and it can't even do a passable accent when it tries. But since you scrimp on self care your mind gets a little foggy. If you ask your brain to work twelve-hour days, 365 days a year, it begins to fade. You aren't at your absolute sharpest (no judgment - remember, I've been there) and some of the trickster deception gets by you.

Pencil in more sleep, drink more water, and consider what you need to do to address your body's needs. Including completely unscheduled time in your day. With those managed you'll be much more effective in spotting faux-intuition's shenanigans and aligning yourself powerfully with your intuition. 

Remember, faux-intuition cannot handle being excused out of its micromanagement role. The death knell will probably be over-acted, embarrassing for everyone who sees it. Give faux-intuition another job to do (properly organizing silverware in the dishwasher's of the world?) and move on to the next brilliant chapter of your life.

With Love and Light and a Conspiracy of Blessings,
Mythical HQ

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4 Ways to Detect Fear Parading as Faux-Intuition
Four Ways To Detect Fear Parading As Faux-Intuition.jpg