Five Ways to Keep Working When the World is on Fire


The racist violence in Charlottesville has been on my mind. I've had a few business owners ask, How can I focus on my offers and sales right now?

So today I'd like to review with you about how to keep working on your business while it feels like the world is on fire.

+Acknowledge what's happening.

This is not the time for silence. You are not required to parrot what other people are saying (in real life or social media). Pain is an invitation to be completely in the present moment. What are you taking away from the events happening? What are you called to do?

Share that with your people. Silence can be its own form of violence. Pretending it's not happening will just make people feel removed from the world you are inhabiting. Not closer. 

+Step into the Hero's journey.

You came into this world, right here, right now, for a reason. You have gifts inside of you that need to be unlocked and shared. What if the digital nomad movement of the last decade was also an awakening of heart? A surge in satisfaction that also supported the uprising of humanity?

Your unique work, the background you bring and the words you use to share your talents, are a special gift that you give to the world. You know who needs nurturing right now? Humanity. (And probably you too, AMIRITE?) You aren't just in business, darling. You are activating your highest potential and deepest calling. The world needs people who have come alive now more than ever. So do that. 

+Be of service.

There remain an extraordinary number of people that do not have access to bare essentials. Water, enough food, a place to sleep. Whether you focus your time on one of these populations or helping people a few steps behind you, there is incredible expansion to be found in being of service. Albert Schweitzer said, I don't know your destiny but one thing I know - the only ones among you who will be really happy are those who will have sought and found a way to serve. 

There are so many ways to do this and the return on investment from your time and/or money will shock you. 

+Practice connecting to the ocean of peace inside of you.

You are better at this practice of connecting to peace than a fair amount of the population. But practice anyway. The violence we see is a call to deepen the wellspring inside of you (among others). Cultivate that connection. Then share the bounty with others. 

Responding to what is happening in the world (not just reacting) is leadership. People have to be reminded that they are infinite energy moving about in form. Sharing this helps them remember. Be a plague of peace! 

+Go out into the world. 

You have to say what aligned action looks like. It could be calling your local government one day, making compassionate and considered eye contact in the grocery store on the next. What is important is that you show up in the world with awareness, presence, and alignment. The rest will fall into place.

All my love (and peace) to you,


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5 Ways to Keep Working When the World is on Fire
Stephanie LaganaComment