Dirty Little Secret #27: Navigating Major Life Changes (Plan to Puddle, Bring a Bucket)

Change is part of what I do here at Mythical HQ. I've said I think I've gone through more change in the past few years than most do in several decades. And since I just automagically transformed myself into a digital nomad last week, I thought I'd use this missive to talk about navigating major life changes. So without further ado...

Six Seriously Essential Tips for Navigating Major Life Changes

1 Create as gentle and bold a cocoon as you dare.

Change is taxing. You will not be at your intellectual prime. Plan for private space so you can sob. Loudly. 

Focus on meeting basic needs - food and water. Restful sleep and movement. When you're in need integrate elements of continuity and comfort. What's familiar that can be leveraged? Use that. Your favorite book, meal, music, card game, etc. 

For extra credit, brainstorm some tasks that you can do which will require little of you and be a friendly outlet for excess energy (tidying works well here - clean out your cupboards perhaps, or your email). 

2 Get clarity through distance.

You will want to overachieve. Find your way through at light speed. It's a natural instinct that, our thirst for homeostasis. It's also SO frappin' unrealistic.

Big changes take time. Tell the story. Pretend you are describing another person's tale. (She was expecting to be adjusted to the 10.5 hour time zone change in two days! Cray cray. Rite?)

3 Ask soul family for support. Engage key friends and ask them to help you remember your intentions. And listen deeply to you without problem solving. Cultivating sacred witnesses will also help reinforce that this is non-ordinary time (as the Catholics say). This is a special path you are walking. Lean in. Receive. 

4 Expect to completely breakdown. 

"All great experiences have a guarded entrance and a windowless facade." -- Robert Grudin

This is true regardless of whether the major change is completely intentional or out of your control. It's totally normal. You're building a new version of yourself. And that's why you brought the bucket. 

5 Remove or reduce social pressure to perform or explain. Turn off social media. Minimize social functions. Dial your work calendar down if you can. Your precious energy is limited. Spend it on you. Meeting your needs isn't selfish. It's sacred.

6 Remind yourself of what brought you to make the decision. Document the magic, miracles and synchronicities that led you to Know this major change was right for you. Don't practice that yet? You can grab this log o' magical evidence worksheet here

Bookmark this for future you, and if you know someone going through a major change right now, please send this actionable love note along!

With Love and Light and a Conspiracy of Blessings,
Mythical HQ