Deconstructing Fear


I went to a retreat with my coach recently which was liquid gold. Getting out of my bubble and meeting other entrepreneurs was absolutely grade A 97% dark chocolate delicious! 

There were points when I realized I was at the far end of the woo spectrum in the room and that has not happened in a hot minute. You might think that would be an opening to panic but I loved getting to meet business owners with vastly different models and industries and HEAR HOW COMMON AND CONSISTENT THEIR FEARS WERE. It was another huge affirmation for me that the inner work is what takes you through the next up-level (yes, seven figures and beyond). Even stronger than the technical Qs and infrastructure.  


It was also a huge wake up call for me as I heard business owners discuss sales conversations for much, much larger amounts of money than I've been charging. (There were a few business owners who were in a start up phase but the majority of my peers at this event were 7 and high 6 figure businesses.) 

I was amazed at the intensity of fear that seemed to pervade the discussions around sales. Because that's exactly what I've been seeing as I increase my prices. I've had to navigate more fear too certainly - but my prospective clients have been giving off various degrees of terror.

It turns out, this is a recognized phenomenon. It's called the Terror Barrier.


A cynic might say, Everrrrrrabody wants seven figures, but nobody wants to leave their comfort zone. Actually I think it would be far fairer to say, you don't know the gravity of the emotional and mental work that income entails until you get there and are thinking, What in the actual fuck???

You've got to change your thoughts. You've got to shift your ways of being. It's the old, what got you here isn't going to take you to the next place. You have a choice here. You can push for change, garner your breakthrough and tell fear to fuck off ---

Or you can stay safe. And never know how you'd fare that test. I know. It's not really much of a choice, is it?


So truly, how do you break through this terror barrier to reach your next phase of success?

  • Recognize what's really happening. You couldn't actually pay (GULP) eight thousand dollars for coaching. Could you? Well actually six and seven figure business owners do that (in reality it can tick uptwards of 5 to 10 times that). One reason it works is because you have goram SKIN IN THE GAME. It gets your attention and compels you to shift where you've been resisting. Rapidly. Is that expansive success where you want to be? I thought so. Giddyup!

  • See through the fear to your goal. You want this. Why again? It's a powerful reason yes? So do the hard things anyway. Feel the fear-terror-panic and do it anyway because you were born for this.

  • Your future is waiting. Call your future self in to support you. Ask your Guides for help. Pray for signs from the Universe that you are on the right path. Then don't stop. People need you now. Open up to how worthy you are.

Fear holds energy captive, dear ones. Take a simple step in the direction of what you are being called to do - TODAY. 

To your Success,

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Deconstructing Fear
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