Cut Through The Resistance With These Three Techniques ⚡


I know it's challenging when you're caught in the spin. 

You wonder why you can't get out of your own way and do the thing.

You want someone to blame and so you sign up for webinars, newsletters, and read ALL. THE. THINGS. 

The business gurus tell you wisdom that feels like... Shite.

What's wrong? Are you broken? Why can't you make it happen when all these shiny songbirds online are bragging about six figures and 10K months and... Whatever the fuck else it is they crow about.

I'm here to tell you - You aren't broke. But I can smell the fear coming off you and that we need to address. 

I know it is terrifying to move through this. I'm sailing powerfully ahead here not because I've gotten some wild Disney FastPass for all these rides but rather because I've moved through the panic, terror, anxiety, and any other related words you want to throw into that not-so-tasty blend. 

From that experience I've got some serious wisdom to share with you. Serious as in, this will help you LAUNCH like Space X and their Falcon 9 rocket. First up - How can you recognize the difference between resistance which is a light-shining on what holds power for you... and refusal which is your Soul's Red Light that is a no go? 

  • You Keep Coming Back To It

 The decision doesn't make itself and stick. You try to make it. Then you get the 4 AM crawlies where you think, but what if I'm wrong?!? 

  • You Can't Shake It

 The Universe has a wild sense of humor and many conduits to pass messages to you. Despite your inclination to run the other direction, any alleyway or passage you head down seems to be filled with references about the thing you really don't want to do.

  • You DON'T Want to Do It

This is different energy than - this isn't meant for me. The spin and churn that comes with resistance is fundamentally different. I'll tell you I spent two of the six years I was in my last relationship trying to leave it. Why couldn't I just decide to stay and be settled with it?! Because deep, deep in my bones I knew I had to go. Why couldn’t I just decide to go? Because it was the start of a massive transition and part of my power was tied up in the decision. I was terrified of my own success (and evolution).

This is a huge nuance and I hope you'll take 30 seconds to sit with it. Where does this resonate with you in your life right now?

For serious. Most of your next bank will come from navigating this decision. Are you with me now?

Ok so once you've recognized the resistance, how do you shift that shit?

  • Lateral Thinking

Resistance LOVES sideways solutions. Feel the need to go with one move that feels crazy-making? How could you zoom in closer in an unexpected way? (You're freaked out by public speaking but have you tried Toastmasters?)

Resistance loves the third way. While our mind wants to say it’s black and white, it’s this or that, resistance loves the option that creates space and brings you closer to what’s calling you (whether it looks like the socially acceptable answer or no).

  • Small Steps

The nuclear option is almost never the best option. The all or nothing mentality is a fabrication of the faux Industrial Revolution. Tiny steps, increments, spirals, these are the Luxe Fabulousity of the Internet Age. You can test, iterate and experiment with ease. Since the Divine is leading the workshop you are guaranteed some magic along the way. God wants you to tune in so anytime you brave new paths you are rewarded for your courage!

Since you are sharp and clever and capable you may notice that what you think is a small step is actually a fairly enormous leap. So, sanity check your steps with a kind and caring friend or dice your plan into quarters (or fifths!).

  • Feel the Fear and Brace Yourself, To Do It Anyway

Not just because, #perks #magic #treasure. But really because #POWER. Your personal power, the substance of your personal growth, it waits on the other side of that resistance.

And seriously darlings, the things you've probably spent several years avoiding (#PointingAtPastSteph) will probably only start with a swim-the-width-of-this-pool type o' discomfort. And yet.

And yet. It's not a lot. You can do it. The rewards are DEEP. And you signed up for this. So #GetToWork.

To your Inevitable Success,


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Cut Through the Resistance with These Three Techniques
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