A Whacky (Effective!) Method for Dream Analysis


The Incubator is open for enrollment right now and lemme tell you - I've got to watch myself otherwise I can go down the muggle rabbithole. People will ask me questions and we'll talk about what they need around systems and marketing and sales and then five minutes later if I'm not grounded I'm thinking I'm a normal 'business coach'.

As Dwight from The Office would say, FALSE.

It happened again this week, my thoughts got small and then the Divine sorted me right out by automagically delivering someone struggling with dream analysis.

Pause for the explainer - 

I'm going to give you this technique and this is framed as a story of me remembering all of who I am - but don't forget that you can 1) apply this and 2) use it to ask and get answers on your business. Cool? Cool. 

back to the scene - 

Strange Dreams, Vivid Messages

I have met a lot of entrepreneurs in the past few months with active and strange dreams. And I love this because for me the dream landscape and the waking life are pretty similar. There are signs and symbols everywhere and if you are ON IT there is gold to unearth. 

So this woman and I started talking about her dream analysis efforts (googling the meaning of symbols on the interwebs) which returned lackluster results. And I said, hey hey, let's try it the magical steph way...

(well you know, I said somethin' like that )

So seriously stick with me - here's my technique:

Take the main thing that happened or the main subject in the Dreamscape, and come up with a different way to describe it.

Decode the Signs

Let's use an example here with a real-life dream:

"I somehow contracted either the mumps or measles. It turned into a whole thing around antivaccine and what would we would do come time to get booster shots."

I asked her, if you have to describe mumps or measles without using those words - what would you say?

She was at a loss so I suggested: outside of your control, changes you, & considered threatening.

Then I asked her - what else in your life feels like that?

She was at a loss so again I suggested: my hunch is this dream was about money. Does money scarcity feel this way? And the dreamer said, yes but -

"yes but lack of money feels like it's within my control but I'm not doing what I perceive as needing done to resolve it... which surprises me even to say it"

It's Always Deeper, And Wildly Supportive

An insight which ultimately led us to - the dream is about shifting her relationship with money - knowing how to do it but not doing it, and the message from the Divine that consequences are incoming if this responsibility she needs to adopt is ignored.

So to summarize - if you are ready for some rockstar dream analysis here's your process:

  • Ask a question of your Dreams. (Before you go to bed is ideal. I write it down because it helps and you may need the exact language to understand your answer.)


  • When you wake up, write your Dream down right away. Write down the exact recall you have of
    the Dream, every detail no matter how small it seems.


  • Take the primary symbol/person/place (whatever feels most important to you - trust yourself to follow the energy) and describe it without using pronouns.

Practice is Essential, Don't Get Discouraged

You'll probably need practice to do this. It may seem cray-cray that I was able to move so fast from measles to money but I'm also deeply intuitive (and magical!) and I have a lot of practice using this.

  • Reflect on the description you have and see where else it applies in your life - or if there is a resonance that you can feel with another issue that is important in your world.

It helps to do this with a dream buddy, that way if you get stuck they can offer you insight and reflection. 

I'm waiting on one of my Incubator clients to come back with a dream now. Because this is the type of work I do! 

So to sum up - your Dreams are another conduit of support from the Divine. And:

You aren't a muggle. So stop building your business like one.

To your rise,


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A Whacky Effective Method for Dream Analysis
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