A Step by Step Guide to Setting Soulful, Sexy Income Goals


A note before we begin:

A few of you lovely wayfinding souls get gunked in the system anytime money and income goals get brought up. There’s nothing broken with you, you are being called to focus on the sacred, holy nature of your path and focus on Soul Bravery. If you play with this process and find later on your brain gets bent around the numbers, ditch the numbers and focus on what feels scary but needed (like being more visible, sharing more of your truth, and so on).

Ok, on to this amazing transmission!

I recommend creating time and space that feels luscious and sacred. Set aside an hour (go big - what would that look like… maybe 90 minutes?) and sink in to completely undisturbed time.


This is an experience that can inject your business with vitality and power. So, treat it with respect and protect that boundary.


Aka this isn’t the time to multitask, wait for a call from the dentist, or leverage ‘available’ time because your partner is taking longer than expected. Feel me?


Connect to the Soul of your Business


Every business has one. Isn’t that the sauce? It means you don’t have to be alone or in a constant state of overwhelm when you want to understand what’s next. You breathe deep, drop in, and connect.


If you don’t have a ritual for talking with the Soul of your Business (fast pitch ⚾ I teach this to my clients in my Incubator), I suggest you start by picking a song that makes you feel like a sensual rebel that is going to light the world on fire with her magic.  Ok, that’s my language but you see where I’m headed, yeah?


My empowering jam is Low Tech Lady by Ana Laan and you can see some other recos below.  


Start the ritual by putting on something delicious. Sometimes I like a silk robe or a naughty dress, and something casual while being wildly intentional works well too. (My favorite sneaks and my leopard v-neck? Done.)


Call in Your helping Guides


We all have Divine support. Non physical allies that are here. Just. For. Us. I promise it’s so even if you haven’t experienced that yet. When you create this space and pull on the frock that feels fabulous, I recommend you grab that fancy candle that makes you feel like an Empress. (yes! That one. And no, I don’t care if you’ve been saving it. This is the time.)


Light the candle and call in the helping spirits. I like to use the phrase, I call in all those beings that Serve the Light and Support my Highest Good.


You can let them know that you’d like support to set an income goal that will make your Soul sing, your Biz fly, and yes, even start a bit of sweat on your palms if you are the type of gal that needs a bit of a kick to motor.


At this point you may be grounded and feel a number come through. If so, cool. Make a note. Continue with this process and see what else shows up for you. If not, no worries. You can’t get this wrong.


Center Deeply


Take 15 deep breaths, pulling the air into your nose and out through your mouth, feeling your chest and low belly expand and contract. Why fifteen? This nostril breath is like using a remote control for your nervous system. What with much of modern society engaged in routine exhaustion, adrenal overload or a combo of the two it pays dividends to center the body and breath, with the mind and spirit.


When I engage in this breathing exercise I feel my physical body settle and my mind (and its’ at times panicky thoughts!) disengage significantly.


At this point you may want to close your eyes. Start here with a gratitude practice. In the moment you may feel stressed but remember that you are setting income goals which means you have so much. You likely have a roof over your head, food to eat, physical health and enough free time, or desire to use what you have, that you can be on the interwebs looking at this material. You are saturated with possibility right now. There is so much to honor in the abundance that is already yours! And so much more is on the way.


Feel Your Needs


Income goals can be centered on a lot of different things but at a minimum they should ensure you are being served. Ideally your income goal moves you upward emotionally, logistically and financially. But at the most basic income goals should meet your expenses. Now, if you don’t touch your money daily and don’t know your monthly expenses (housing, food, credit and so forth) don’t stress. This is an excellent practice to pick up in the near future but for now tune in to the emotional state that comes with your needs being met.


What would having every need met look like? Feel like? No fret about bills being paid, because they are met, a reserve of cash slowly building for future essentials, savings stocking up for other investments that feel delicious. Imagine this in your mind’s eye and dig into the details of that life.


Stay in this space for whatever length feels good. If you have an active meditation practice you might stick with this for ten minutes. If you are antsy and have trouble sitting >>pointing at myself party!<< you may need to call it complete at three minutes.


The important part here is that you feel on a visceral level what it is like when you, in your business, are meeting your needs.  


Honor Your Wants


At this point the exercise has the potential to get uncomfortable. You see I know the intestinal fortitude it takes to want something before you have it. To lean in to the potency of desire before it’s yours. And even more importantly, before it’s clear you could ever even have it.


Now I want you to extend the visual and feel your future life where you aren’t just meeting your needs, you are actively getting delicious things that you haven’t called in before. That lush, high-vibe vacay. The time-off you crave. The super luxe spa time that says, you made it. A cherry red Model S Tesla, because you can.


Let yourself go in deep here and cherish this journey. Feel the goodness in your bones and let your heart expand with joy.


Consider Your Impact


All of this is happening because you are feeling the call to serve out in the world and be served. So set up the visual and reflect on the impact you have in the coming year. This isn’t a spot to get stuck on the hustle and grind culture and what you might do to make the uplevel. Whether you are extroverted to the max or introverted to the core, there is a business model that aligns with your strengths. And anyway this isn’t about hustle, it’s about effect.


Call in the people you are impacting with this powerful work who are happily giving you currency for your work. See them in your mind’s eye. Let them come, and pause. Go back to the deep belly breathing. Watch. You may be surprised at how big the crowd gets. (After all, your clients are telling all their friends!)


See the joy in their face and if you feel called to it, get closer. You can ask how their lives have changed from the journey they’ve been on since meeting you.


Recognize the Lifestyle


When you’re ready it’s time to move into an essential part of this futurepiece (future masterpiece, I d/k, let’s roll with it). Go back through the images and consider what you’ve seen of this badass version of you.


What does she wear?

What is her hair like?

What energy does she carry?

What company does she keep?

How does she start her mornings?

How does she end her days?

What has she had to release in order to get there?

What has she had to start in order to reach where you see?  


Take some notes on the details. This builds a roadmap to the next level version of yourself. And it’s time.


Breathe In The Why


This part is on your own. Reflect and journal on your why. Put down a solid page of writing. Go deep. Get clear. Feel the energy of this future.


How much money do you want?

Why do you want it?

What are you going to use it for?


This is a powerful enough emotional pull that you can move through your blocks.


Give It Voice


The last step in this sensual setup is to speak the words aloud. State your income goal with power and intention. Extra points for a long slow stretch and a smile in front of a mirror as you say it. If it feels energizing and juicy you can set the figure on your altar or laptop. Somewhere that reminds you of your Mogulness or Divine support. With grace and gratitude you can end this process, giving thanks to your Guides for supporting you and taking a moment to revel in how fun it can be.

My experience with this is…it’s not a brick that you bake, setting and forgetting. It’s a touchstone.  It helps you come back to who you are and what you want to claim. So that means, put your income goal in a place that feels helpful - not crazy-making. I recommend an altar or special spot in your home where you can put objects that are meaningful including this income goal. When you go to check in with the sacred energy you can honor the income goal and who you need to be to achieve it.

Go get it lovely! Come join us in my Facebook group if you need support.


Sensual Jams & Fuck-Yeah Anthems


Low and Slow 👇🏼

Lion Babe “Treat Me Like Fire”

Chet Faker “Gold”

Lorde “Royals”

Santigold “Unstoppable”

Nikka Costa “Everybody Got Their Something”


Fast and Hot 👇🏼

Florence and the Machine “Dog Days Are Over”

David Guetta “Hey Mamma”

Dragonette “I Get Around”

Icona Pop “I Love It”

Noisettes “Don’t Give Up”


I haven’t included links but you can search for these with ease.


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Step by Step Guide Setting Soulful, Sexy Income Goals
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