​5 Surprising Reasons You May Not Be Making Money in your Business


Let’s waste no time, my little love crumpets. 2020 is almost here and we’ve got epic shit to do.

Here are five surprising reasons why you may not be making money in your business.

Free is the only way support can get through.

I know when I’ve met someone that likely has deep money blocks when people love to give them things for free.

Small things. Big things. Random things. Exactly what they need. All of it, regularly streaming in.

They have powerful difficulty receiving money but they’ll get free things left and right.

I mean this can go the extreme. Like bananas! Scholarship for their children, a free car, even a house! But hardly any money.

OR… Your partner is receiving it for you. You’ve hardly seen a significant increase to your income but your partner has gotten a sizable pay raise.

This is really, really common. Do you identify with either of these?

You don’t need it.

You have generational wealth. Or your partner’s career has set you up for life.

You may feel bad about charging for your gifts. You may see the disparity of the funds set aside for you and feel out of whack at the idea of charging, even small amounts of money.

It’s okay if money isn’t fun for you. I believe you are here to show us how to pursue your passion without the constraints of capitalism.

Trust me. This can be absolutely beautiful when you align with the ease here.

You’re feeling into the future.

Most of your efforts at marketing consist of watching other people’s webinars, getting frustrated when you scroll, and wondering why someone else’s article/video/event went so well when you know the content wasn’t groundbreaking. You can feel how it all grandly aligns and the money and clients you get… in the future.

Your vulnerability is making you think you are doing more than you really are. You haven’t been consistently sharing your work, finding a way to stretch and be brave and show up. And when you do, you’ve been in a bubble. The FB page with 122 likes.

The FB group where you hardly comment so when you do post hardly anyone sees you. You talk about it once, chirping like a tiny bird, but because it’s scary it feels like an absolute fucking earthquake in your body. Which it isn’t. But you want clients to be there, dagnabit.

You want clients to teleport to you because you haven’t done the work yet that gets them here.

You are cloning what other people do & it’s stale

I can tell when entrepreneurs are following someone else’s formula (or they haven’t fully landed in their gifts). My eyes slide right through their copy. It’s hard for me to stay connected with their words. It’s almost like I can’t hear them… or I don’t want to.

Do you feel me??

This is the comfort zone. But the land locked kind where you’re in a rut and the energy is blah and you don’t really know what would make it better.

You have to stop following other people’s formulas. You have to lean in to what feels fun and delicious and what works for you.

Maybe you are showing up and sharing your work, finding ways to be of service and people like what you say. But it’s all kind of weak tea.

You never quite feel right whether it’s sharing that you have a package for sale or offering to go deeper with that person who is really stuck. And when you do, it’s kind of vanilla. Or wrapped so deep into a personal story that it might not be obvious anyway.

You are tapped in to what you think you should be doing instead of what makes your heart sing by claiming your Calling and it’s killing your business.

Something else wants to happen.

Sometimes the absence of money makes us pay (hah!) very close attention. We focus very intensely. Very deeply. Very quickly. We learn fast. We get brave quick.

Sometimes we are near where we need to be, but not quite there. And then the absence of money keeps us on our toes and attentive to signs, moving towards where God wants us to be.

Have you ever bargained with God and said, please! I’ll do anything. Just send me money?! Yes, like that. We can be uber willing to be brave, do the hard things and show the fuck up when we aren’t given the cash. This is why it’s SO important to have a spiritual discipline in place so you can be asking for support from the Divine and listening deeply to what you’re called to do next.

It’s also really important to note that this planet is a complicated place. This plane is hard. And sometimes there is simply a nexus of shit that complicates things. And note too this can be in addition to one or multiple of the other items listed above. Sometimes capitalism is really frakkin exploitative. Racism obstructs. There are other reasons that can converge but I offer these to help call you back to the idea that 5D constructs are interweaving with 3D realities.

When we are tuned in to our soul’s calling those problems can help us be more of who we are - they can be a lighthouse to help us see how we help the world to change.

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