The Divine Mandate Campaign


The narrows is a place I know well.

Intensity and challenge and bravery and ferocity are bunkmates. We've been at this for a long time.

The past six weeks though have caught me off guard with the dips and sways I have needed to cobble together. God is cue-ing me, no doubt, but I have felt like I am not quite as limber as I once was.

So here I am freshly out of the bath with a message for you, dear ones. Creaky bones and all.

What is inside you, that is a part of your deep magic, that you can offer so the world can heal itself in three generations?

There is so much I don't know. There is so much I fail at. But I am endlessly stellar at helping people to find new and deeper ways to access the Divine. I can help make the Woo an every day affair. I can unlock the messaging and collaboration between people here and their allies.

How about you? I know this is a dramatic question, but humor me. We live in significant times.

What is inside of you that can contribute to the world's healing? Tell me and let me be your witness.

To your rise and our healing,


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The Giving Edition