The Giving Edition


If I told you the full scope of what has happened this month you would probably look at me with whale eye. 

Death in my family, car accident, international workshop, a trip to the lawyers, tax excitement, and let's just stop there.

It's enough for this woman to completely shut down.

I looked at my calendar this past week  - after my grandmothers funeral but before I got rear ended - and I was just in a haze. How could I make #allthethings happen?

I had nothing left to give.

Fortunately all my clients are empaths and one by one they reached out to me. 

And then a funny thing happened.  Even though I had rearranged still more commitments and deferred ALL of my work I had clients reaching out to me with magical wins,

"I had this thing happen! I had an amazing insight! I got a client! The partnership got finalized! I raised my rates!"

And as these juicy updates kept streaming in I realized that God was reminding me that I don't have to give in order for fabulous things to happen.

I don't have to empty myself to fill the world.

I can just BE.

And when I tell you that I have been working on learning this lesson for a minute what I'm saying is that this has been unfolding in deeper and deeper ways for like the past fifteen years. And sisters, it LANDED something fierce for me this week.

So that's what I want to share with you today, my love nuggets... Where can you unclench your fists and ask God for help and lean back?

To your rise,


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The Giving Edition