Hidden Barriers


I've been focusing on my health recently but I forgot to do a Deep Library check.

You know about Deep Libraries, rite??

They are the basements levels of your brain. Where old programs get stored. It's dusty, musty, dense as hell, and it usually operates totally under the radar until something seismic happens.

I realized that even though I've been looking at exercise and nutrition I haven't done a spot check on the archives downstairs and frankly, that hosed me.

I told myself, and God, that I wanted to get strong, super healthy, and lose the frakkin weight. But I forgot to scan for the hiccups after the victory dance. Ever do this? I didn't go deep enough into getting what I want to realize the dig after that was holding me back.

For me it's that I have old, old patterns of not feeling safe while being seen. My body has felt threatened out in the world and the weight has been a subtle cocoon to keep me hidden, and so my brain suggests, consequently protected.

So in addition to asking God and my Guides for help to understand what food will help me feel my best and what movement will help me get strong, I'm asking for support to clear and release all blocks to being, and feeling, safe and seen in my body at every weight.

You might not have any challenges with your weight - maybe it's about money. Here are 3 common Deep Library programs about making money:

  1. You know lots of others that need it, and making it would mean feeling compelled to give it away and resenting the people you love for it

  1. You don't need it to meet your needs and earning it would make you feel like you are taking from others who need it more

  1. You associate money with obligation and don't want to feel the burden that comes with receiving money from someone and losing your freedom

Not your record? Hit home like a champ? Either way I want to encourage you to explore this. Use whatever milestone is on your mind right now (Fill my retreat! Make 10K! Find 3 clients!) and do a visualization. Walk powerfully in the world of the future you that gets this. Take ten minutes and go deep. What's the snag you meet?

Maybe it's that you are tired and want the money but not the work. Maybe you want the victory of filling the program but doubt your skill in serving the people. I don't know what your block is, I just know it's there.

Don't wait to do this. Good intentions in your email inbox rot like fresh organic strawberries in the crisper. Let me know what you find out after. I read every email. 

To your rise,


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Hidden Barriers