Don't Fret About Copycatting or Comparisonitis


You are an original.

You will never be again. Your collection of energy, physical bits and experiences is unique.

When you spotlight the voices in your head that tell you different, you ignore that truth.

When you view the online (or offline) business space with the lens of competition and comparison (instead of collaboration and creativity), you bypass the reality.

There is no copycatting.

There is no comparison kitty.

[[🤷🏻‍♀️ I tried]]

Give yourself permission to show up as you and see yourself for the multidimensional miracle you are.

You can focus on the similarities between you and another practitioner, or you can focus on the rich diversity.

You can focus on the scarcity gap between you now and your dreams, or you can highlight the wild wealth right now.

You always have a choice.

You are a quilt of choices. Your future is stitched together by your todays.

You are good enough today.

You are worthy today.

Your message is needed today.

Your people are looking for you today.

Are you with me?


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Stephanie LaganaComment