Three Questions to Ask Your Soul

Over in my Facebook group we had a lively exchange last week talking about asking the Soul of your Business what it wants. 

If you missed it, come over and join us in the group!

But regardless of whether you have a business or not, the conversation with your Soul is important! I have three questions below that you need to be asking your Soul. Every. Dern. Day.

I highly recommend you do it before you wake up and let anything else in - no social media, no lattes, no staff meetings.

If you don't feel capable of that creative control, listen to 3 minutes of meditative music (I adore the Devi prayer for getting peaceful) and then ask.

Go in order. Don't skip. And don't disrespect the answers you're given. If you can't find a way to make it happen, thank your Soul for keeping up the flow of information.

What kindness do you need today?

What play do you need today?

What challenges do you need today?

That's it. Super simple. Most miracles are.

Play with these questions this week and let me know how it goes! I love your feedback.

With ease and grace,