When This Happens, You Find the Will to Walk 8 Hours Up the Mountain

When you are on the spiritual path, things that want to happen take place very quickly. To say the least. 

Yesterday morning at 3:30 AM I finished walking over 25 kilometers (let's say with all things included, better than 18 miles). Mostly up a steep mountain. Eight-ish hours up. Five hours down. Three hours crying from joy inside a temple that is visited by an estimated 8 million Hindus every year, and very few foreigners.

Just two days after meeting a fellow seeker. And one day after deciding to make the trek. 

According to legend, you can't go and don't go, unless you get the bulawa (or call) from the Goddess. I didn't know that beforehand.

Shit. There's a lot I didn't know before.

I knew that the temple name came up before the trip. During the trip. And while I have been in Dharamshala - a mere five hours drive from it's location in the often tension filled area of Jammu and Kashmir in north India.

I didn't know most pilgrims spend two days making the trip. I didn't know you could easily take 8-10 hours walking up. (The travel agent said 3-4) I didn't know the first leg alone was 12.5 kilometers. (UHM some people are doing this in flip flops - WTF?!?)

I didn't know that the temple closes at 6:30 in the evening for sacred rites, so visitors can't enter.

I didn't know that the pilgrims in line who saw myself and my friend would wave us on through so that we would be the last two entering the temple until 9 PM.

I didn't know that the taxi driver who said he would meet us at 7:30 downtown at our starting point would stay until 3:30 AM to wait for us.

I didn't know that security would allow us to go through twice despite all our issues and taking shoes and cameras and belongings that, well, didn't belong.

I didn't know the headband that I bought at the start of the journey was a headband. I didn't know that the pilgrims shouted "Jai Mata Di" for energy and because, the Goddess is great.

I didn't know that my fellow pilgrims would be so happy to see non-Indians on the journey and be so supportive that we were answering the call.

I didn't know on being the last two swept inside the temple doors I would start sobbing with relief and joy, and not stop until we left. 

I didn't know my tears of joy would touch the hearts of others when they saw them. I didn't know we would be able to go into the temple, or the cave, because someone referenced an extra ticket we needed that we didn't have.

I didn't know that my legs and my body, sans gym exercise for the past four months, could handle sixteen hours of walking and hardly any food. 

I didn't know until trying to find pictures for this newsletter (we didn't take a single one) that a little over 26,000 people joined me on the trek up to the temple yesterday.

There is a lot I didn't know.

There's still a lot I don't know. But I know I've been touched by the Goddess. I know I've answered her call. I know this trip to India ends with this sacred experience and that I'll bring it to everything I do. I know I get to carry this energy back to the states and bless everyone I meet with it.

I know that the impossible is possible and even when I can't see the way, it is still there. 

There is a lot that feels unknown for me in the coming weeks as I unexpectedly find myself back in the US. But I know that I'll be re-launching The Inside Track, a special 6 week class that teaches you how to meet your non-physical team, embrace your intuition, and dive fully into playful cocreation with the Universe. 

With unending blessings from the Goddess,