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(Why Your Side Hustle is Killing Your Business)

'No, no, no,’ you assure me. ‘My side hustle IS my business, I’m just not ready to make the leap yet.’

Yes, yes, yes, I nod. I understand.

And this bifurcation of your energy is terminal. Let me explain. 


Your attention cannot split half as well (see what I did there?) as you think it can. You are satisficing and that getting by does not serve your current work or your future calling. 

Every decision you make taps a limited reserve of your resources. And each new decision will be tougher than the last. (Need the rationale behind hitting the gym, or your hard task first thing? There you go.) In response over the course of the day you will either become more impulsive in your decision making, or simply stop making them. 

Do you see why leaving your evenings to work on your side hustle is terminal over time?


Your multitasking is a polite tale you tell yourself. Who, as the phrase goes, can serve more than one master? THIS is why we prohibit cash donations to politicians. There will come a time when you are required to choose. And YOU WILL choose the (known rent) money over your dreams. Every time. 


Your soul’s calling is going to require far more rest than you can fathom. It’s also going to be wildly, orthogonally out of your comfort zone. As long as you have the money to support you, getting out of your comfort zone is going to feel optional. And it is most decidedly NOT. 


There is no way to kindly say this, dear one. You need the kick in the ass of reality to truly make this work.


You will never be motivated enough with your toxic job because the money and faux SECURITY keeps you COMPLACENT and the TOXICITY keeps you TIRED. And here’s a wild card: bouncing back and forth between the soul-suck and soul-path isn’t energetically sustainable either. Your vibration shifts between the two and frankly you have armor defending yourself during the day, AND clouding your intuition.

 And why not? You are in pain, dear one. There is so much for you to buffer there. So much heaviness you don’t care to feel.


If you have space and runway,

  • You will fiddle with your website (when you don’t have your niche sorted. OMFG), or

  • Ponder the size of your business cards (when you have told NO ONE in your network what you are selling), or

  • Ruminate on whether you should take a class in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) (when you haven’t the first goram clue about a signature offer that makes your soul sing. OH.EM.GEE. Srsly?).  

The activities that draw INCOME are also the ones that will bring you CLARITY.

And because the Universe has a sense of humor (like profesh) those will also be the ones that make you squirm the most and that you conduct acrobatic like movements to avoid.

As I was fond of saying in my old career, bad news doesn’t get better with time. Said differently, you’ll have to do this anyway so why not start now? If you frontload the heavy lifting you won’t go through the pain and expense of reworking your website, branding, business cards, logo and copy when you're done. Most entrepreneurs I’ve met could have saved themselves between 10k and 100k+ on this alone!

Bold substantive moves will bring in the magic and move you forward. You’ll want to wade into the minutiae because it feels safer than riding the big waves. But that would be such a tragedy, because you were born for this brilliant ride.


It’s far better to save up for a  year of expenses, go whole hog on your biz for twelve months then make the call to continue or pivot. It makes way more sense to eat your body weight in cucumbers and pop multi-vitamins, or take out a line of credit, or move in with your brother to save cash, than try to split yourself in Voldemort-like horcruxes.

  • Take a lucrative seasonal job and never look back.

  • Take a term lilypad job that you aren’t emotionally encumbered with and print your escape date on the bathroom mirror.

  • Get a 2nd or 3rd job and daydream about your bravery before going to bed.

  • Go on a workaway or housesitting position and cover your essential needs, then leave the early mornings for your calling.  


You will come back to me in six months with all the excuses. Medical! Dental! Meteorological! Whatever.

There will ALWAYS be another excuse.

Your future is a quilt of action TODAY, not what you say you may do tomorrow.

So go out there and get some. 

And if I can help you save more time, more money, or ass-chap, let me know. You can apply to speak with me in a discovery session here.

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Let Me Save You $10k
Mythical Enterprises Let Me Save You $10k.jpg
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