You Wake Up In September And

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You wake with a start, your mind racing and immediately reach for the notebook at your bedside to record your dream. It’s clear now, lightning bolts, colander and all, but you know from experience you have a limited amount of time to write it down before it slips away.

You aren’t scheduled to talk with your coach-mentor for another three days but tapping into the symbols after hasn’t been a problem for you, even a week later. The epic dreams have been coming fast and heavy lately and it thrills you. You know from your training that it’s a sure sign you are deeply on your soul’s path and more magic is on the way soon. And no matter how many times you do it the counter intuitive and profoundly supportive messages get you every time. (After all, in what logical world does a talking tuna represent the potent nature of your soul’s calling?!?)

Setting your notebook down you start to bicycle and flex your legs, sliding over and off the bed to land on the floor and do some stretching. It feels glorious. Yesterday’s hike is still in your body and you take a few extra minutes to twist and flex, responding to whatever feels juicy. It’s strange and perfect to have it be so quiet. Six months ago you couldn’t have fathomed taking regular breaks from your home life and routine to do nothing. Well, the ultimate something. Unscripted time with yourself. No other obligations than taking care of you and surrendering to the play and magic that wants to unfold.

But over time and even through your stubbornness the relationship between unscheduled time, inherent wildness, and your profit and pleasure has been made clear.

That’s how an hour walk became a four hour hike in the forest yesterday. You snuck in some snacks and more water than you needed on a whim. And you had just the right amount of supplies to get you safely home. Thank God for the nudges and the support of my team, you assert out loud.

Before you would have looked around to see if someone heard you. These days the gratitude and prayer falls out of you. You see the conspiracy of blessings everywhere and the ease is striking.

You stand up and walk over to the kettle for tea. You were always a coffee fiend but solo time has been educational in a number of ways and you’ve realized as much as the strong stuff serves your hustlin-ego it unsettles your belly. You couldn’t have imagined yourself thirsty for herbal tea either. But then so much has changed. The oracle cards you pulled last night are still out - the message remains powerful so you forgo your ritual of picking a card to set the tone for the day. It feels unnecessary and honoring those instincts has brought a complete turnaround for you in your life.

Not that things were bad by any means. You were hustling of course but even while you could be bone tired you didn’t have trouble meeting your bills. And looking at friends stuck in corporate kill zones made you focus - at least it wasn’t worse. You enjoyed your work and had a semblance of control.

But that contrast never took you any further. It held you locked into the hustle and fatigue. Six months later you know on a cellular level there is absolutely another way. And you’re living it. You are intimate now with the perfection of Divine timing but a cheeky part of you wants to send a rescue mission back in time to that former version of yourself.

Three years. THREE YEARS you did it the hard way. And like a wildfire as soon as you could see, feel, that you wanted something different, easier, the Universe started clearing the way and showing you signs. The medical issues that demanded you slow down led you to hire a coach out of desperation and the magic unfolded consistently from there. Finding the perfect VA (and getting clear on your zone of genius, NOT just competence), streamlining and shoring up your systems, outsourcing tasks to experts to help you leverage what you’ve already done.

Sipping your tea you exhale deeply. It’s been so good. And now even more of the juicy way ahead is emerging. It makes you feel tingle-y. The moves you’ve been making have been getting bigger.

Even as you’re doing A LOT LESS.

Another blessing as your need for sleep and rest seems to have increased.

You bark with laughter. You grin wryly, and why not? It seems you are getting so much sorted connected with the Divine at night.

You grab your rooibos and head outside.

You have this strange sense the birds want to offer you some wisdom this morning during your stillness practice and you have GOT TO show up for your hunches these days.

You chuckle. The weirder it’s gotten the more magical it seems to be.

That's cool. You're definitely not a muggle anymore.

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You Wake Up In September and...
Mythical Enterprises You Wake Up in September and....jpg