Unpopular Truth #21 - Divine Timing: It's All or Nothing


The thing about ease and grace in a world of hustle and harrowing urgency is that it's a practice.

I walked that hustle-hurry pattern powerfully for many years and at times I catch myself falling back into old habits. Because I forget. We all do. It's natural.

And while there are many parts of my practice that I offer to you, buffet-style, encouraging you to pick and choose what feels right based on your felt sense of truth - this isn't one of them.

It's all of nothing, kiddos.

And that could feel tough because this one is big.

Here we go...

You are held in the cradle of the Divine.

(so deeply held, it's breathtaking to glimpse with my energy body)

Your path is perfect.

(From the power and placement of your challenges to the patterns of your moles, you're perfect. But that's a newsletter for another day.)

Your timing is flawless.

(Whether you are getting a parking ticket or burning the rice. I swear.)

It's easier to remember this when you have evidence. So collect it.

Every time you meet just the right person because you were late, make a note.

Or have a joyful meal out instead of a boring-phone-filled-night-in because of that stove issue, write it down.

Put it on your calendar. Tell a friend.

Because there is a conspiracy of blessings out there. And it expands with your seeing and your joy.

Here are three prayers* - that came through me - from the Divine for you.

For when you are "delayed"

I want to know more about the beautiful gifts waiting for me on the other side of this. Grant me peace to see the beauty here and now.

For when the thing you're doing is "late"

I bow to sacred timing and the beauty of ripe birth. Help me feel expansive peace around right timing in this.

For when you're "rushed"

God grant me the wisdom to see my unflagging power in this Life and in this space. Help me transit safely, peacefully, powerfully to where I need to be.

You are exactly where you need to be.

At precisely the right time.

Spirit has got you. And so have I.

With Love and Light and a Conspiracy of Blessings,
Mythical HQ


*Sometimes the language of Divine messages feels strange. Just know that they are sharing this because it works. And keep breathing.

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Unpopular Truth #21 Divine Timing: It's All or Nothing
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