Travel 14 Hours Just to Binge on Netflix? The Bravery and Bribery Edition


I am not a good traveler. Never have been. 

And by that I mean I don't like the middle ways. 

Brave new worlds? Adventure?? Sign me up. Twice.

Getting there? Pfffffffft.

And due to my path and decisions that honor my soul I'm transitioning left and right (AKA navigating the middle). Ending my apartment lease. Changing relationships dynamics. Shifting my life to a storage unit (staying) and a backpack (going). It makes me decidedly uncomfortable even though I know it's precisely where I need to be.

It's a theme for me. Is it your process too? Expand. Feel scare-cited. Soar. Repeat. 

So knowing that success is on the other side of this, how do you get there? The very civilized practice of Bribery.

Here's how this works. Notice the voices in your head starting to get louder, talk more frequently? Just throw them a bone. 

If I just to get to India I can stay the whole 3.5 months in the hotel binge watching Netflix.

If I just shred the excess and digitize my life I'll take February off and do nothing but get massages and write.

If I just fly to India and I hate it I can rebook a flight home and stay at (pick a generous friend's!).

If I Just... (take a brave step toward what my soul wants)

I Can...  (do this comfortable thing, build in this safety valve)

Bravery. Comfort. Bite size pieces of big bravery. Then comfort.

I've made more changes in the past three years than most people will make in a decade, or three. And I tell you, dear ones, there is no shame in handholding the small part of you when your soul wants to soar higher.

In fact, it is a kindness. And practical AF.

There's no "waiting until there's no fear". That's simply inaction phrased differently. We are at our best when we engage with reality. And my reality (and I suspect yours too) is that our tender self needs regular, gentle shepherding on these legendary journeys.

This applies whether your jumps are microscopic or magnitudes of order greater. 

Did this help? Let me know! I love hearing from you.

With Love and Light and a Conspiracy of Blessings,
Mythical HQ

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Travel 14 Hours Just to Binge on Netflix? The Bravery & Bribery Edition
Stephanie LaganaComment