Stop Apologizing For Who You Are


I'm at breakfast, writing my newsletter, The Dross, for you when I overhear a conversation between a young couple. 

Briefly, the woman tells the man to submit his resume, as requested by a third party. She suggests he add a cover letter acknowledging that he doesn't meet the qualifications for said job but is submitting a resume all the same (as requested). 

Let's skip over the many other contextual clues that suggest this guy really needs a job, the person asking for the resume really wants to give it to him, and the minutiae of their breakfast...


****STOP THIS****

You do not need to apologize for who you are, your perceived *station* in life, your lack of experience or familiarity with technology, or ANY OTHER THING YOU DECIDE IS NEGATIVE.


+++Pause For An Anecdote+++

I remember attending my first art class as a younger and learning the concept of negative space. If you aren't familiar this is a way of seeing which artists employ that focuses on the space around an object, to just as significantly define the boundaries of an object as the object itself. Neat, eh? 

I was fascinated and, as is my way, immediately began translating the idea into other areas of my life. Where else was it useful? The answer was, plenty of places! And I'll share that as I moved through the world that there was a profound difference between people who focused on what was missing, and people who saw and built on what was there. 

+++End Anecdote+++

Recruiters might go crazy and take 30 seconds to review your resume. Often they'll spend 8-10 seconds and move right the hell on. 

Time spent acknowledging what recruiters can discern easily (your qualifications don't match the spec) is time lost that might have gone to explaining your enthusiasm for the industry (I've volunteered at a relevant non-profit!), your insight into why their culture is a tight match (attrition is COSTLY), or your capacity for rapid learning and commitment to showing up (cue the references to that thing you did at your last employer, or school). 

Of course this isn't about resumes, recruiters, or job hunting. (But you knew that, didn't you Starhearts?) It is about leading with your strengths, building on what's working, and CLAIMING YOUR POWER. 

My wisdom for you today is this:

When you live your life as an apology you are guaranteed to stay cramped and small. 

Every situation is an opportunity to be in someone's way, to cause a problem, to regret existence. Any victory you see is an invitation for comparison-itis, to wail against not being more advanced. It is quite frankly my dears, pretty F-NG boring.

And so unnecessary. 

Because we are living in astounding times. Things are shifting with miraculous speed. We do not need to fear the old dangers or take lifetimes to navigate key lessons. An alternative to the apology energy is this:

Live your life as a marvel. Saturated with wonder at the abundance, astonished and admiring of the miracles. 

You don't need to wait. No matter where you are, you can start now. 

With Love and Light from Mythical HQ,

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Stop Apologizing for Who You Are
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