Not An Error: We Are Shutting Down Mythical HQ

— God

Holy guacamole.

This time last year I was contemplating the death of my business.

And now here I am. Celebrating the birth of my full time practice.

What a difference a year makes! 

That and the full exercise of my faith, intuition, and guidance with my Divine team.

I'm going to be taking a creative sabbatical and going off the inter webs for the month of July. Or trying to. 

I can feel my left brained resistance to the need. And my spiritual team's insistence that I completely disconnect. So I can infuse my world with play, deeply rest, and shed the old ways of being from this stage of life I'm exiting (to make room for the new). 

I wanted to give you a head's up that I was going to be integrating this massive shift by shuttering the windows at Mythical HQ for a spell. I need to hibernate, germinate, incubate, all the -ates. 

I'll return powerfully to you, when the time is right, I expect that to be in early August. Until then I'm sending you love and light on the wind. I'll make the decision about sending you The Dross as they come up, so I can let it be easy.

On that note, if you haven't reflected on it today, know that the Universe is abundant, naturally, infused with lovingkindness, and saturated with opportunities for Awakening in ease and grace. 

Lean in to that. It is our inheritance.

With Love and Light from Mythical HQ,