That 100 Mile Race This Weekend Was Ah-MAZING


This weekend I was at a 100 Mile Race.

All because thirty-eight years ago a woman had a wild idea...

There was a horse race in the middle of not-a-lot Shenandoah Virginia and she thought it would be amazing to have people run it.

It was crazy.


(Before endurance running was a thing)

The typical entry fee back then was two dollars.

She needed to charge THIRTY-FIVE to pay for the same shiny silver buckle, that the house wranglers had, for finishers.

No one thought people would pay an outrageous amount of money like that, let alone to do so for the privilege to RUN a race.

Before Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, JetBlue, and Priority Shipping, this woman gathered FORTY-FIVE racers to do an impossible thing. To run this 100 mile race.

Eighteen buckled, finishing in 24 hours.

(At the time fewer than 20 people in the world were documented as having run 100 miles in under 24 hours!)

It's 2016 and the same silver belt buckles are being issued to finishers.

The same small contingent of loyal volunteers shows up to run, support, observe and cheer on the race, year after year.

(Your Alchemist being one of them)

Over 1200 runners have finished this race. Over 800 have buckled.

All because this woman had an idea.
Because this woman acted on it.
Because this woman ignored the social sauce and the comments about what people would accept.

Maybe fail.
Maybe persevere 38 years later.

But try.

It's important. AVANTI!

With Love and Light from Mythical HQ,


P.S. This is the first of a series of newsletters on the Old Dominion 100 Mile Race. There was so much goodness I needed to share it with you, this lightning in a bottle, across multiple weeks! Read more about the OD100 from the official race team here.

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That 100 Mile Race this Weekend was Ah-Mazing