Revelations of ISIS: Your Oracle Message

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I'll keep this brief, Beloved

There has been whirlwind energy in the ether of late and I do hope you are taking especial good care of you. Extra sleep. Extra water. Heaps of loving heart connection.

Lots has been going on here behind the scenes at Mythical HQ and there will be more to share soon, soon, in coming weeks.

I got the call to defer my regularly scheduled programming and instead provide you with a message.

I asked the Goddess ISIS, through my lovely Oracle deck, for what you needed and it gave me this -

The Revelation of ISIS.  

This card is focused on Truths being Unveiled. 

It is calling to you to create space in your life, to perform a ritual, and ask the question of What you Need to Know.

She is calling for you to listen to it.

And, ultimately Beloveds,

--and I tell you, I get that this is scary, I SO GET IT--

She is calling for you to act on it.

Let's move now into the ritual.

(Before you can explain to me how busy you are, get distracted by an email notification, or fabricate another reason for how this isn't for you. No bueno. You're on my list. She's Talking to YOU.)

Get into an easy seated position.

Take ten deep breaths. This is done roughly until you feel anchored in your body.

Call in your Divine team, asking for support of your Highest Good

--and yes, that language works fine--

And use this phrase or it's equivalent,

Please show me the truth, without fear, so that I may have clear perception and wise action now.

Stick with this and be open to what shows up.

It may be symbolic. Or not.

It may make sense. Or not.

The answer may drop into your awareness 24 hours later with the solid thud of intuitive Revelation.

This ritual is an invocation and your support is assured. The answers will come.

Before I pulled this card for you, my Tribe, I had the sense that I would be challenging you to step in to your power. I had the nudge that whatever showed up would be a proclamation:

Now is the Time.
This is Your Sign.
STOP Waiting.

And then, apropos of nothing, and without precedent, a teeny tiny ant walked onto and through my Oracle deck.

I was flummoxed for a moment. Then I went to find it's animal message. Here goes:

Are you sacrificing your own goals and your own dreams for someone else's? Re-evaluate the current path you are on to see where you are straying from your own path.

So I'm going to leave you with that for now. 

ISIS threw the gauntlet.

The Ant threw down one too.

What else are you waiting for Beloved?

With Love and Light from Mythical HQ,


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Revelations of ISIS: Your Oracle Message
Revelations of ISIS_ Your Oracle Message.jpg