No Wonder You're Exhausted

"I'm exhausted," he said.

Of course, she reflected.

You're At War during the day.

Your heart is struggling for meaning. 

Your soul is fighting for expression.

(Even as your left-brain logic is mandating a severe distillation of Your Medicine, and an ongoing mute of Your Voice in the interest of "social suitability.")

"I'm exhausted," he said.

Naturally so, she thought.

You can see what you need but you've decided it should be different.

You know what you want but have scrapped free will and let society, and other people's expectations, shape the course of your life.

(And then you walk the Dreaming when you sleep, seeing the beautiful, expansive possibilities - only to re-emerge and live in Division again.)

I'm exhausted for you, she thought.

I know this soul fatigue.

I know what it's like to choose it, to feel compulsion toward it, to know there is freedom waiting and to ignore it.

To choose mental slavery.

Over and over, and over again. 

So understand that I say this with Knowing, Compassion, Love, & tremendous respect for your Freedom:

When you are ready to decide something different,

when you are ready to build the Bridge,

when you are ready to live the Dream while you wake,

come to me.

It would be my privilege to be the Gateway to your Dreaming made real.

It would be my honor to escort you back home.

It is my calling to help you Remember.

With Love and Light from Mythical HQ,


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No Wonder You're Exhausted