These "Dates" Keep Turning Into Coaching Sessions


Some of you know that I've been exploring the dating world these past few months.

It's been an absolute kick.  (OkCupid seems to have an abnormally large population of interesting humans)  

It's a kick in general with my informal anthropologist hat on, and as a reflection of my increasingly infused everyday life of magic, miracles, and synchronicities.  

My ratio seems to be roughly 3:1. 

Which is to say, for every three men I meet for a nice cuppa (Earl Grey. Hot. Milk.) I'll encounter one man who is a Lightworker, a Healer, or is simply being Powerfully called to his Soul's Purpose.

For these men I'll channel Divine messages, dissolve limiting beliefs, spin them towards their North Star and send them straight on til morning.  (Ok, the last one was mostly a reference to Peter Pan. Mostly.)

And it automagically happened again today. 

This morning I was reflecting on the absence of a topic for this week's newsletter (at times the topics show up well in advance, other times, not so much). And I got very curious, super excited.What did the Divine have in store for me? Because clearly I was not yet inspired & the topic had not yet revealed itself. 

(If Tony Robbins were here, he'd say, "Nobody else should be doing this." A sure sign that the Audience needs to key in, and apply the lesson to themselves. Anyhoo, moving on.)

Fast forward to my login this morning to the Meetup website where I planned to send welcome messages to all the members of the men's coaching group I had established. You could have tipped me over with a butterfly wing as I realized the lad I had been chatting with, who had expressed an interest in connecting with me while I was out of town, was a participant in my new group. 

I dropped him a line and we discussed meeting in person to talk through our common interests, coaching included.  

I'm free for a brief time this afternoon, I noted. 
I have appointments until 8, he said. Let's pick another day.
As I was typing out my acknowledgment & sharing my mantra about rushing not serving, he texted again.
Woh! I just had a cancellation. I'm free until six.

And I started giggling. Oh, I thought, our Guides SO want us to meet!

When we did meet, the connection was nourishing. He's navigating an intense path on his journey to become a full-time healer and lacks community, and the associated recognition and understanding of his intuitive gifts.  

As we parted ways I began laughing again, this time uproariously. You see, he had driven a vehicle with his day job referenced all over it.  This burgeoning Lightworker, this emerging Healer, worked for a Solar Power company.

(Get it? Even in the absence of formal training, his role is to Spread Light.)

So I leave you with these gift's today, Starhearts. These essential pieces of wisdom from Spirit.  

Follow Your Flow. 

Look for Your Ease.

Let Yourself be Deeply Supported.  And finally,

What You Seek is truly Seeking You.

It can be just that easy.

With Love and Light from Mythical HQ,


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These Dates Keep Turning Into Coaching Sessions