Ziplining Safety and other key reminders for tomorrow


The first time I jumped from a 3 story platform, I told myself, "I'm NEVER doing this again." 

That was 2011. I was crying uncontrollably and about thirty seconds in to a nearly 2.5 hour ziplining experience in Costa Rica.

In contrast to that experience, yesterday's adventure was markedly better. I waited a full fifteen minutes and two whole zips [ok, technically three] before the tears started flowing, I got squinchy and the fear monster reared it's head.

Of course, there's a laundry list of critical differences between the two jaunts:

Yesterday's trip was purpose-built, focused on breaking through boundaries and stretching beyond one's comfort zone

I went with several coaches who were amazingly supportive (not strangers on a package tour)

And in between the two trips I've had extensive training as a coach in shifting my own sh!t and was able to ditch the overwhelm, in the days prior to the experience

In all honesty, I still don't know how I did it. I'm TERRIFIED of heights. Do you hear me? TERR-I-FIED.  And this girl did 8 zip lines (200 to 800 feet long), 4 ladder climbs, 2 sky bridges, a 25-foot rappel and zipped from 7, count them SEVEN 65-foot tree towers.  

Holy crow. How in the great macaroni did I get through that? Well, more to follow there. Seriously, I have bundles more processing to do, but there is Divine wisdom in this for you, Starhearts. Heed it wisely.  

Trust the Equipment.

                                     (You've been given what you need)

Listen to Your Guides.

                                     (They know the way)

Stay in the Present. 

                                     (That's where the action is)

Keep Breathing.  

                                     (It's good for you)

Yes, dear ones. It can be that simple. Promise.

Keep on, keeping on. You've got this.

With Love and Light from Mythical HQ,


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Ziplining Safety and Other Key Reminders for Tomorrow