You're Compromising on Your Self Care. Will You Stop That?


Desiccated, you cannot serve. 
You also can't honor your Divine Light & Purpose here.

Accordingly it is your essential responsibility, your primary job, to get enough sleep, tea, hugs, play to tend to your inner wellspring.

When you are 100% full, miracles abound. 

Mind that the inclination will be to get to 75%, and stop tending.

Please understand this is optional.

You aren't engaging in trivial frippery when you prioritize and meet your needs. 

Let the investment be robust.

You get no karmic or social refund for being miserly in self care.

In fact you show profound spiritual leadership when you take a stand for yourself.

Start a Revolution. Start with Yourself.

With Love and Light from Mythical HQ,


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You're Compromising on Your Self-Care. Will You Stop That?
Stephanie LaganaComment