You Are Welcome Here, Whoever You Are, Whoever You Love


Whoever you are, whatever you love, you are welcome here.

Where you come from, whatever you believe, you are welcome here.

I heard this for the first time two weeks ago at a Unitarian Universalist church service. [Said in the surest of tones, with the most intense commitment.]

And understand me, the phrase "I heard at.... church" is a novel statement. I was not a church kid. My parents, my family were not church people. (Ok, there was Sunday School for a spell, but it was brief and oriented towards crafts.) Otherwise Sundays were for chores, disconnecting from the machine, and being anxious about returning to it. 

If you had told me a month ago that I'd be in a church that made my heart full to burst and grounded my feet deeply in the earth, I would have giggled in your general direction.

Church. Religion. Faith.

Words are words. Conveyances. Vehicles of meaning. It's what is happening, what you arefeeling, that actually counts. 

And for me, yet again, I have found my people. In the most unexpected of places. In an area where judgment has prevented me from exploring for a long time. 

Here is the hauntingly beautiful song from today:

All of Life Is Calling Me - words & music by Joyce Poley

In the quiet peace of the dawn,
As the waking birds begin their song,
With the sunshine warm on my face,
All of nature fills me with its grace,
And I feel within my reverie,
All of life is calling me,

Calling me to be more whole,
To hear God’s music in my very soul,
And while I live the mystery,
All of life is calling me.
In the welcome warmth of a smile,
And the wondrous laughter of a child,
In a friend who stands by my side,
Or a homeless stranger passing by,
In the eyes of everyone I see,
All of life is calling me,

When a picture moves me to tears,
When a song helps lighten all my fears,
When I’m wrapped in story’s embrace,
In another time, another place,
When a work of art has set me free,
All of life is calling me,

And when death steals soft from the room,
Where a life is ended far too soon,
Though the sorrow tears me apart,
I’ll remember how love touched my heart,
In this precious gift of memory,
All of life is calling me.

Since my experiences serve as a mirror for this community - I share with you this essential wisdom:

Whoever you are, whatever you believe, you are welcome here.

Whatever your past, whatever your flaws, you are welcome here.

I wish you the greatest of courage to explore where life is calling you next, Starhearts.

With Love and Light from Mythical HQ,


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You Are Welcome Here, Whoever You Are
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